1. D

    How to download all photos in iOS app

    For instances where my NAS is inaccessible, or I don't have mobile data, how can I (easily) download all my photos to the iOS app so I can view them offline? In Timeline view, you can select Months and then download, but obviously that is cumbersome with a large library going back many years...
  2. P

    Synology > iOS > DS finder > where is control panel?

    Synology > iOS > DS finder > where is control panel? Specifically, need the ability to mount encrypted shared folders from the iOS DS finder app. On DS desktop it is Control Panel > Shared Folder > Files Sharing > Shared Folder > Select folder > Encryption > Mount.
  3. H

    Internet drops while connected to Synology VPN on iOS

    When connected to my Synology VPN on my iOS device, everything works perfectly at first. After some time, I lose internet connection. If I disconnect/reconnect to the VPN, internet connection is restored. Has anyone had this issue? Or know where to start troubleshooting? I am running Synology...
  4. T

    DSM 7.0 Synology Contacts to macOS/iOS contacts still not working?

    I'm setting up a DS920+ to replace our aging macOS server setup. The services I'm replacing are file services, CalDAV, and CardDAV. I've gotten the file server and CalDAV server working with macOS and iOS, but not the CardDAV server (i.e., Synology Contacts, since CardDAV server is no longer...
  5. AdrianEarnshaw

    OpenVPN iOS

    Hope everyone is doing okay. I recently swapped from Android to iOS and setup OpenVPN once more as I already had it working on Android. Everything was going well until I saw my data usage last night. In 90 minutes it had chomped through 350mb of data. Interesting thing is I only accessed one...
  6. G

    Recommended iOS apps?

    I’ve seen a few ios apps related to nas drives so just wondering if anyone has used them and can recommend them. I’d previously downloaded lunasea based on a recommendation here and think it’s great. Has anyone used any of the following: DS manager pro - saw an old post on here saying it’s...
  7. tekguru

    Access Files on NAS via iOS Files App

    I feel like I'm missing something or if not I've found another glitch with DSM7... I use VPN Server on the NAS with OpenVPN configured. I can connect to the NAS with the iOS OpenVPN client with no problem. However once connected I can't access any files on the NAS using the iOS Files app. I've...
  8. WST16

    Apple issues a fix for flaw linked to Pegasus spyware

    Link to the article. Update your devices, especially if you happen to be a head of state, a rights activist in a dodgy regime or a double agent, who happens to frequent SynoForum to fix your 1815 because you had all the important info that will topple the regime but, alas, you didn’t backup and...
  9. ilbarone87

    DSM 7.0 Suggestion for a free and self-hosted mdm

    Hello everyone! Is any of you aware of any good mobile device management to self-host or run in docker that is free? Don’t have a lot of devices to manage (max. 5) and also is for lab/experiments purpose. thanks
  10. D

    iOS app and backup

    Hi hivemind 1) my partner's iphone running the iOS Photos app appears unable to backup to Synology Photos on a non-local network (my Android can) 2) my partner's iphone running the iOS Photos app appears unable to backup to Synology Photos while running in the background, so the app has to be...
  11. P

    DS220+ DSM 7 - unable to see/mount encrypted folder from iOS?

    DS220+ DSM 7 - unable to see/mount encrypted folder from iOS? I am signed in as admin from iOS SF Finder > DSM Mobile (and DSM Desktop) and the encrypted folder does not show (anywhere I can find) to mount. Go to the desktop machine, login with the same admin credentials, and the target...
  12. B

    IOS photos. HEIC -> JPG and no Live photos - Possible?

    Hi, Previously, using DS Photo, from IOS it was auto conversion to JPG and it was not uploading Live images. Now in Synology Photos I have all images moved as HEIC also each with Live photo. I`m not able to find any options for behavior same as in older app. Is it possible to have photos...
  13. P

    iOS GoodNotes and Synology - any way to sync GoodNotes to Synology instead of iCloud? [eom]

    iOS GoodNotes and Synology - any way to sync GoodNotes to Synology instead of iCloud? [eom]
  14. P

    Web Clipper for iOS?

    Looking for a web clipper for iOS. Find something worth saving, clip it to DS Note via web clipper....where is this option? From - "DS note (iOS) Clipping Web Pages To clip web pages to DS note: Open a web page you want to save with your device's Internet browser. Share the...
  15. P

    So how can you STORE notes on the NAS that are created on iOS without...

    Lets say I create 5 notes while I am away from home. I want 4 of those notes to live on the NAS and NOT the iPhone? Seems crazy but only finding information on 'syncing' which is not the same. Want the notes to LIVE on the NAS, and then access said notes on demand from other devices. Worst case...
  16. Pixette

    App Pixette - iOS Slideshow App for your NAS

    Hello! I always wanted to bring to life my thousands of pictures and videos stored on my Synology NAS using an old iPad as a picture frame. I've searched the App Store for a basic app to do so but couldn't find any which supported my old device and which connected directly to my NAS without...
  17. P

    iOS & Drive long load times....

    iOS & Drive long load times.... Environment: iOS 14.4.1 w//Synology 220+ and Synology Drive app v.2.3.1-371 Issue: Long delays when ever accessing Drives app...waiting for directories to load even if on same network Use case: • Select photo/s from iOS camera roll, tap share > tap Drive app...
  18. SynoMan

    Synology News Synology Integration with macOS and iOS — Synology Webinar

  19. SynoMan

    Synology News Synology Integration with macOS and iOS

    In this webinar: Learn how to utilize and manage your Synology deployment in macOS and iOS environments. In this webinar, we'll examine file access, backup, and package integration. Finally, we'll discuss why and how to transition from iCloud and macOS Server to Synology Drive and DSM...
  20. NSquirrel

    iOS Files App and DSM

    Has anyone spotted this occasional problem, or perhaps have a solution? I have my iPhone and iPad accessing my NAS via the iOS Files app, using a SMB connection. Both iPad and iPhone are on i(Pad)os14.4 and the NAS is on DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3. I have 9 shared folders on the NAS and on both...