1. O

    Question Exporting Lightroom (iOS) photos to Drive (using "Files") problem

    When I try to export several photos on the same time from Lightroom on my iPhone to Synology Drive I only get a handful of photos, not all that I've picked. When exporting to iCloud Drive all photos are exported but not with Drive. Anyone else noticed this?
  2. SynoMan

    macOS, iPadOS and iOS apps

    macOS, iPadOS and iOS users! What apps (for NAS or in general) do you use or recommend for Mac, iPad and iPhone? If possible I use built-in apps on every device and most of them I like. Here are some of the other apps I like or use: macOS apps Capto For screen capture, short videos for...
  3. WST16

    Info A do not disturb timer (iOS)

    I often need to put my phone on do not disturb for a short time while attending a meeting or if in a place that demands silence and respect. Easy to do, however, I usually forget to un-silence it! While looking for something to do with iOS shortcuts I came across a DND timer shortcut. Exactly...
  4. WST16

    Info iOS 13 low data mode (Apple)

    I’m looking forward to using this option during my coming trip while using a local limited data SIM. Previously, I would go to mobile data and manage permissions individually. Hopefully, this single switch will make it much easier. In case you missed it, here’s an explanation.
  5. jono

    Leave VPN Plus on iOS connected all the time?

    While I'm away from home I often use VPN Plus on my phone to connect back home to various services via a VPN running on SRM. While I'm out I connect to the VPN, then disconnect once I'm done, but every now and then forget to disconnect and will notice it's still connected a few hours later...
  6. jeyare

    iOS vs Android - is it still a huge gap within these worlds?

    I started with Macintosh Quadra 800 in 1993, it was great vs Win3.1 based on i486. In 1998 I left the Apple environment to SGI, then in 2001 move to Win/Ubuntu based world. But from 2008 back to Apple iOS just with iPhones later iPads family ecosystem. Till now. Seems to be, that from Steve...