1. C

    Mail plus notifications

    Recently I setup Synology Mail Plus to retrieve my personal mail from my Isp. I had the plugin to alert me of new mail which was working. However, for the last two days it hasn't been. Does anyone know of a fix. TIA
  2. C

    mail plus setup.

    Hey guys. Years ago I bought an email client called Eudora which had served me well until recently. My current isp has change ports and there's not a way to change it in Eudora. I've tried unsuccessfully to get mail plus to link to my isp to get my mail, "I hate web mail." Can anyone first...
  3. tekguru

    Extended Warranty Plus

    This looked promising: But alas no go for my DS918+
  4. T

    New NAS, New Drives - New Issues (DS920+ | WD Red Plus 8tb x2)

    Hello, I was hoping to just get some confirmation or a path ahead. I just got my new 920+ NAS, along side 2 WD Red Plus 8TB disks. I plugged them in, booted up, started setup - And got the "Failed to format drive (35)" error. Tried an old slim laptop disk and setup went smooth, so i plugged...
  5. S

    DS1821+ and WD RED Plus WD140EFFX

    Hello, I currently have 6x10Tb Wd Red Plus WD101EFBX (Firmware 85.00A85) on my DS1821+. I would like to extend my SHR2 volume with a 14Tb disk WD140EFFX (Firmware 81.00A81) even if i know that i would get 4Tb of unallocated space. However when i perform the volume extension, the NAS warns me...
  6. tonygaddr

    Newbie - RT2600ac VPN Plus Server

    Newbie Questions Q1 'Synology VPN Plus' on rt2600a - does installing 'Synology VPN Plus' work similar to other VPN providers (NordVPN, Surfshark etc) - does it compete well. Q2 Does 'Synology VPN Plus' effect the speed much (am on Virgin Broadband 360). Q3 As home user is it worth installing...
  7. Lionel

    Plus address forwarding

    Some public mail systems, (, and others) have this great feature where you can use multiple aliases for only one real email address. eg: [email protected] gets delivered to [email protected] regardless of what is typed in for the tag, ie: after the + sign. This can be...
  8. M

    VPN Plus with L2TP/IPSec cant access local lan with Remote Default Gateway disabled.

    So i've been using this setup for a long time. Lately my VPN connects normally but I no longer have access to the remote local LAN. I can fix this by editing the Advanced TCP/IPv4 settings and re-checking the "Use default gateway on remote network" However I don't want to use my VPN this way...
  9. terrylalala

    Valheim Plus setup

    I currently setup the Valheim-server in my DS920+ and run smoothly. Anyone also setup Valheim Plus with the Docker interface in Synology? I go through some instructions online but still not very sure how to make the Valheim Plus work in my Synology NAS or is it already there but I need to set...
  10. K

    VPN Plus VPN Plus dies when OpenVPN profile started on RT2600

    Hey, I use VPN Plus to be able to always access my home network so that I don't have to poke holes in my firewall to access my NAS. However, when I try to have an outgoing OpenVPN connection running as well, it kills VPN Plus's connection and I lose all connectivity through the app. Could...
  11. X

    RT2600ac Some VPN Plus 'troubles'

    I've been testing VPN Plus, and for Windows 10 it really rocks! At least Synology SSL VPN... but in Ubuntu 20.04 clients I'm not able to install the latest VPN SSL Client... it seems it's only for Ubuntu 16.x and I've read, it's because installation method changed in Ubuntu... are there plans to...
  12. fredbert

    VPN Plus Server Synology extends free VPN Plus licences until 2021

    VPN Plus, VPN Access and Site-to-Site VPN will continue to be free to purchase Bellevue, WA—September 17, 2020— On April 6th, Synology made VPN Plus licenses free to acquire through the end of September 2020. Today, Synology has decided to extend that time frame until September 30, 2021.1 In...
  13. oRBIT

    WD WD Red Plus?

    Just noticed these drives, WD RED PLUS, in a few computer stores here.. Anyone tried these yet in their Synology NAS? These shouldn't use this SMR-crap I guess?
  14. N

    Solved VPN Plus connection not able to reach internal DNS or subnet

    Hi All, hoping for a little assistance pls and hope I'm in the right forum for it. My setup: OSX host(s) making OpenVPN (Viscosity VPN client: connection to RT2600 configured w. VPN Plus Svr. Internal DNS Svr sitting on DS NAS DSM v6.2.2 w. internal LAN interface...
  15. Rusty

    Info VPN Plus Licenses Free Until September 30, 2020

    Official statement:
  16. B

    Synology vpn plus on surface pro X

    I am thinking of buying a Microsoft Surface Pro X but occasionally really need to connect to my synology router with VPN plus installed in my office. Therefore I want to be sure that the vpn plus cliënt app that needs to be installed on the Surface Pro X(within chrome) will run and work...
  17. pcunite

    Rackmount (short depth) versions of the plus line (DS218+)

    I would like to see a rackmount version of the plus line (DS218+ etc.). I want the better performance over what the RackStation RS217 offers. However, I need short depth (330mm) so that rules out the RS820+. Anyone else want something similar? 2bay or 4bay is fine.
  18. jono

    Leave VPN Plus on iOS connected all the time?

    While I'm away from home I often use VPN Plus on my phone to connect back home to various services via a VPN running on SRM. While I'm out I connect to the VPN, then disconnect once I'm done, but every now and then forget to disconnect and will notice it's still connected a few hours later...