shared folder

  1. L

    Sub folder access

    I looking for some clarification/help on sub folder access. I want to create a shared folder entitled 'clients'. Within that shared folder, I want to create multiple sub folders for clients. As an example; client1, client2, client3 & so on. When I create a user, client1; I only want the...
  2. H

    Does moving a shared folder shutdown services?

    I'm planning on moving a shared folder to a new volume. The easiest way appears to be to go to Control Panel - > Shared Folders, select the folder and change the volume. However when I do this I get the following warning: "All services will be stopped during the operation, and will resume...
  3. B

    Send email notification upon change to Shared Folder

    Hi all, I've been looking for ways on how to make DSM send me an email notification when there are changes made to one of my Shared Folders. I found a script online but I have not been able to get it working. Can anyone assist me with this? ##### Source: Synology Community ##### Sends email...
  4. B

    Unable to select shared folder

    Hi everyone, I installed plex with docker on my raspberry but I have a problem selecting the folder for the library. I created a shared folder between my raspberry and my nas, and so far, no worries to see, edit and add files from my raspberry, or in ssh. But when I select /tmp to select...
  5. D

    7.x update - troublesome if using Cloudsync & Hyperbackup, shared folder sync w/6.x unit?

    How risky/troublesome is this update on a system (DS218+) that is doing cloudsync and hyperbackup, and has some folders synced w/a DS212+ that is not upgradeable to 7? I'm in no hurry to update to 7.x, but also want to have an idea of how much work it may be when I do. In particular, I'm using...
  6. Huggy

    Moving Shared Folder

    Hi, So I'm away from home and wanted to check something out on the NAS. Basically I have a file not showing up in Plex and wanted to check its name. I've logged in via Tailscale but couldn't find the shared folder. At first I thought it was some strange permission when accessing the NAS...
  7. G

    DSM 7.0 Shared folder permissions of /photo

    I recently upgraded from DSM 6 to DSM 7. I noticed that the shared folder /photo permissions look a lot different than all other shared folders, when in file station/right click/permissions. I'm wondering why did all other shared folders update when coming over to DSM 7 and /photo didn't? This...
  8. Andy

    DDNS over QuickConnect?

    Bit of a newb question but if I want to give someone their own folder on my NAS and have them access it remotely, why use DDNS and port forwarding when QuickConnect will allow them to access it?
  9. R

    Can not find shared folder after trying to move it

    Somehow a shared folder was being moved. I cancelled the operation but since then I cannot see the folder in file station. The system still recognizes it and I was able to make a clone of the folder. So data is save, but duplicated. How can I get things back like it was?? Can I undo the move?
  10. G

    DSM 7.0 Shared folder sync from older DSM

    Hi, First of all, sorry for my bad english/translations. I use DSM in other language, so error and messages are my translations and might not exactly correspond with original english ones. First I synced shared folders from DS1813+ (DSM 6.1.7) to RS2421+ (DSM 7.0). And it went fine. Now i...
  11. Andy

    Delete a shared folder?

    Hi My first post here. How do I delete a shared folder? The Action drop down options are greyed out. Thanks
  12. fredbert

    Package Plex v1.24.2 on DSM 7 brings back 'Plex Media Server' in shared folder

    Probably late to this party but I've just updated to the latest release of Plex on my NAS running DSM 7. In DSM 6 Plex created shared folder 'Plex' to hold its configuration data, media metadata, logs, caches, etc. This folder could be backed up by Hyper Backup and made restoring easy. With...
  13. P

    shared folder sync

    My question is with regards to Remote Snapshot Replication, rsync & Shared Sync Folder. NAS01 - OfficeA NAS02 - OfficeB Goal is to sync a shared folder "projects" from OfficeA to OfficeB 1. Synology Shared Sync Server - connection established using public ip (DDNS) and port forwarding. This...
  14. P

    how to map a network shared folder on our NAS with a user outside LAN

    We have a shared folder on our Synology NAS. We need to map this folder for a few users outside our network (LAN) over the internet? What is the best and easiest way to do this without having connection issues.
  15. S

    Shared Folder Sync Error

    I have two Synology NAS devices. One has been backing up to the other for a couple of years. When I connected to the server, I saw this error. My "master" is called Media. The backup is Media2. When I look at Media2, it appears to have all the data, even recently added data, from Media. I...
  16. SantucciOhio

    Time Machine shared folder and file compression

    When I first set up my DS918+ I used the setup wizard that recommended a single storage pool and a single volume. I have 4 x 4TB drives and chose SHR1 so I have a single ~10.5TB volume. So far so good. I then created a shared folder for Time Machine backups with a quota of 6TB. That was about 2...
  17. PeterSuh

    Info How to write a remote server shutdown script after checking the shared folder synchronization log table using SQLITE3 built-in synology

    Saves the results of the successful processing of shared folder synchronization to a DB file through the Log Center. And then we're going to use SQLITE3 built-in synology to re-Script to check. Once a normal BACKUP has been verified, the remote NAS server can be shut down via the SSH...
  18. S

    Confused about shared folder encryption key

    I've tried to dig up as much as I can on setup and use of shared folder encryption keys, and I'm still confused as my NAS isn't treating them as I expect from reading Synology's guidance as well as various posts here. Based on this thread: Synology NAS Encryption: Forensic Analysis of Synology...
  19. nthkmf

    Please help: Shared folder is limited to 4TB, no quota settings apply?

    Dear pros, I have a NAS Synology with 20TB, I create a backup folder and map it to my Windows 10 laptop. I don't set limit or quota for this folder, but in my Windows 10, the capacity is just 4TB. I recently empty all recycle bins and re-clam storage But I don't know why this happen. Can...
  20. O

    CIFS shared folder fails to remount after PC reboot: how to force remount from command line?

    I have several shared volumes from my Windows 10 PC auto-mounted on my DS920+ as CIFS shared folders. Technically they're encrypted CloudDrive volumes, though I don't see how that would change anything from the NAS perspective. Anyway, so far so good, but whenever I reboot my PC, the remote...