1. O

    So are only shared folders mountable as drives?

    Im very new to NAS and slow learner. And I know, its a rather blunt and bit silly of a question isn't it. Every guide and manual says you need to create shared folders in order to work the NAS, so in a way the answer is right there. But just so I can finally rule it out in my head; you can't...
  2. D

    DSM 7.0 R Studio in docker - Can't map shared drive (Docker noob)

    Hi everyone, I've spent my afternoon trying to figure out how to mount one of my Synology shared drives in R Studio but I just can't seem to get it working. Here's what I need to do: I've created a shared folder in DSM called 'rstudio' and would like to be able to share files within this...
  3. N

    Synology Photos : Automatically Created Albums (People, Places, Tags, Videos, Recently Added) aren't shared with "downloader" users or groups

    Hi, In Synology Photos (shared space), Automatically Created Albums (People, Places, Tags, Videos, Recently Added) aren't shared with "downloader" users or groups. I have to give a full access permission to a group or user to give access to these albums, but it give also access to others...
  4. S

    Photos not showing in shared space

    First off - sorry that this must be the biggest noob problem going! Been looking at videos, help guides but I'm pulling my hair out. So thanks in advance for any help! I cannot get photos to show in a shared space for a user despite having given them Viewer, Uploader and Downloader permissions...
  5. L

    Sub folder access

    I looking for some clarification/help on sub folder access. I want to create a shared folder entitled 'clients'. Within that shared folder, I want to create multiple sub folders for clients. As an example; client1, client2, client3 & so on. When I create a user, client1; I only want the...
  6. Andy

    Add an image to a shared Playlist?

    Is it possible to add an image to a shared playlist? I'd really like to totally redo the shared playlist GUI as I want to send my music to clients. Is there an alternative to Audio Station that would allow me to do this kind of thing? Thanks.
  7. T

    Mount Google Shared Drive

    Is there any way to make a direct file transfer from a Google Shared Drive to my NAS, without having the data going through my desktop? Cloudsync only works for your personal Google Drive, and syncs the whole drive. I read some use rclone for to mount the drive, but after spending many hours I...
  8. B

    Send email notification upon change to Shared Folder

    Hi all, I've been looking for ways on how to make DSM send me an email notification when there are changes made to one of my Shared Folders. I found a script online but I have not been able to get it working. Can anyone assist me with this? ##### Source: Synology Community ##### Sends email...
  9. B

    Unable to select shared folder

    Hi everyone, I installed plex with docker on my raspberry but I have a problem selecting the folder for the library. I created a shared folder between my raspberry and my nas, and so far, no worries to see, edit and add files from my raspberry, or in ssh. But when I select /tmp to select...
  10. EAZ1964

    always happy when reliability data is shared, for what it is worth

    Any data on reliability is welcome for me, as it is not too often that this data is actually shared. In this case a bit of info on HDD/SSD next to other devices/parts. As always, be careful because of sample size (not shared in this case for most devices) and possible commercial interests...
  11. D

    Trying to remove a share - Cannot unmount shared drives/folder

    I have a share I'm trying to delete. It has one folder which is a share from another Synology NAS. EG NAS1 has a folder that is shared to NAS2. I want to remove it from NAS2. On NAS2 the folder appears under a dedicated share w/a visible snapshot folder. No snapshot is scheduled for the...
  12. D

    7.x update - troublesome if using Cloudsync & Hyperbackup, shared folder sync w/6.x unit?

    How risky/troublesome is this update on a system (DS218+) that is doing cloudsync and hyperbackup, and has some folders synced w/a DS212+ that is not upgradeable to 7? I'm in no hurry to update to 7.x, but also want to have an idea of how much work it may be when I do. In particular, I'm using...
  13. P

    Problems in browsing photos on mobile, in Shared Space

    Did someone try to browse on mobile (I can try on IOS, both Safari and Chrome) a Shared Space? I can see the picture BUT if I try to zoom on it, or even just touch the screen of the phone, the screen becomes black, the photo disappears and it's even difficult to come back. I suppose it is a bug...
  14. Huggy

    Moving Shared Folder

    Hi, So I'm away from home and wanted to check something out on the NAS. Basically I have a file not showing up in Plex and wanted to check its name. I've logged in via Tailscale but couldn't find the shared folder. At first I thought it was some strange permission when accessing the NAS...
  15. Sturla

    Timeline view not allowed in Shared Space

    Users of type Uploader gets this when they are in Timeline view on Personal space, and switches to Shared space. And the Timeline and Filter button is not visible i Shared space. This is happening after granting users Uploader-accesslevel ( with "Use settings for all subfolders" marked ). The...
  16. G

    DSM 7.0 Shared folder permissions of /photo

    I recently upgraded from DSM 6 to DSM 7. I noticed that the shared folder /photo permissions look a lot different than all other shared folders, when in file station/right click/permissions. I'm wondering why did all other shared folders update when coming over to DSM 7 and /photo didn't? This...
  17. Andy

    DDNS over QuickConnect?

    Bit of a newb question but if I want to give someone their own folder on my NAS and have them access it remotely, why use DDNS and port forwarding when QuickConnect will allow them to access it?
  18. R

    Can not find shared folder after trying to move it

    Somehow a shared folder was being moved. I cancelled the operation but since then I cannot see the folder in file station. The system still recognizes it and I was able to make a clone of the folder. So data is save, but duplicated. How can I get things back like it was?? Can I undo the move?
  19. J

    Can nextcloud datafolder be shared with smb/samba?

    Hi I have a nas with DSM 7 and nextcloud installed with docker. Is it possible to use the same directory to be shared by nextcloud and samba to save storage space and having to sync the data? Access the same data it both ways Permissions, are the first thing that comes to mind... Does anyone...
  20. E

    DSM 7.0 Guest users are able to see every shared Picture without the share link or login by opening .../:5001/photo/#/shared_space/folder/1

    I have some of my photo folders shared with different people to enable them to download the pictures of the specific folder that I shared with them. For example: I share a folder with wedding pictures via Link with a customer A. I share another folder of family pictures via Link with customer...