1. The 'Galadriel' Rack

    The 'Galadriel' Rack

    The new 16U rack gets its first new switch - the USW-Enterprise-24-PoE - a 'goodwill' gift from UniFi.
  2. B

    Rail kit for RS1221+

    I’m looking for a rail kit for my RS12221+. I have a 19” 4-post network rack and the distance beetween front e rear mounting rails is 470 mm. Synology rail kits are too long for my rack. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
  3. B

    HDDs for DS1621xs+ and RS1221+

    I need 4 new HDDs for my two NAS (DS1621xs+ and RS1221+) with a capacity of 12TB or above... Your choices? WD Red Pro? WD Gold? Seagate Exos? Seagate Ironwolf Pro? The performance are important for me but overall the noise has a decisive role... two NAS are in a small office and have all two...
  4. B

    E10M20-T1 performance

    If I mount the E10M20-T1 card inside my RS1221+ can I experiment a poor performance? My NAS has a 8x Pcie 3.0 slot but only a 4x link. Thanks in advance.
  5. Synology RS819 4-Bay

    Synology RS819 4-Bay

    RS819 with RS1221+ above and RS217 below
  6. Robbie

    Info RS1221+ ECC RAM Upgrade

    I wasn't really planning on this upgrade but stumbled on a new 'Synology' branded ECC SODIMM for regular DDR4 money. I need more RAM than this but for now it does, at least, double my RAM and brings me into dual-channel mode. My search for a bigger and better memory configuration that escapes...
  7. RS217 and RackMac Mini

    RS217 and RackMac Mini

    RS217 with 2 x WD HDDs, M1 Mac mini server above and RS1221+ below
  8. SynoMan

    NAS RackStation RS1221+/RS1221RP+

    Compact and reliable The RS1221+/RS1221RP+, at only 30 to 38 centimeters deep, is built for space-sensitive deployments. Boasting over 100K 4K random read IOPS and 2,315 MB/s sequential read1, the RS1221+/RS1221RP+ is equipped to handle heavy workloads in data-intensive environments. The...