1. Robbie

    Synology RAM Vendor Lock DS1621+, DS1821+, RS1221+ and RS1221RP with AMD CPUs

    Timetec DDR4-2666 16GB Replacement for Synology D4ECSO-2666-16G DDR4 ECC Unbuffered SODIMM 2666MHz CL19 Dual Rank I tested the Timetec ECC RAM that claims to defeat the Synology RAM Vendor Lock in the same manner as the Arch branded memory listed elsewhere. This RAM is available in the US but...
  2. Dantorius

    RS1221+ Fan control not working

    Hello together, I hope I've choosen the right forum/topic for my question. I've been using a DS1813+ for a couple of years and upgraded now to the RS1221+ However it seems that the fan control isn't working as expected. When changing the fan mode in 7.0.1-42218 nothing seems to happen. The...
  3. Robbie

    Out with the old, in with the new - 'Tis the Season - SSD

    Out with the old: In with the new: Another 4TB WD Blue to add to the volume - I've been very happy with these drives to date. It's only since the trading the RS1221+ fan noise for the Noctua silence do you get to fully appreciate the peace of SSDs. Usually when I open the door to the...
  4. Robbie

    The Taming Of The Screwed (RS1221+ Fan Fix)

    Decided that enough was enough with the RS1221+ being noisier than everything else in my rack put together and then some. For those not familiar with the RS1221+ it has an AMD Ryzen CPU that produces little heat, has a roomy chassis and fans that on their lowest setting push massive amounts of...
  5. B

    DS1511+ Motherboard defect. HDD to SWAP to other Syno compatible

    Hi all, My good old 10 year old DS1511+ just broke the other day. Probably a motherboard failure. I have backups of most of my stuff. I am thinking to buy a RS1221+ or one of the recent DS models but I am afraid my old HDDs (various brands, unknown types) are not compatible with the latest...
  6. The 'Galadriel' Rack

    The 'Galadriel' Rack

    The new 16U rack gets its first new switch - the USW-Enterprise-24-PoE - a 'goodwill' gift from UniFi.
  7. B

    Rail kit for RS1221+

    I’m looking for a rail kit for my RS12221+. I have a 19” 4-post network rack and the distance beetween front e rear mounting rails is 470 mm. Synology rail kits are too long for my rack. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
  8. B

    HDDs for DS1621xs+ and RS1221+

    I need 4 new HDDs for my two NAS (DS1621xs+ and RS1221+) with a capacity of 12TB or above... Your choices? WD Red Pro? WD Gold? Seagate Exos? Seagate Ironwolf Pro? The performance are important for me but overall the noise has a decisive role... two NAS are in a small office and have all two...
  9. B

    E10M20-T1 performance

    If I mount the E10M20-T1 card inside my RS1221+ can I experiment a poor performance? My NAS has a 8x Pcie 3.0 slot but only a 4x link. Thanks in advance.
  10. Synology RS819 4-Bay

    Synology RS819 4-Bay

    RS819 with RS1221+ above and RS217 below
  11. Robbie

    Info RS1221+ ECC RAM Upgrade

    I wasn't really planning on this upgrade but stumbled on a new 'Synology' branded ECC SODIMM for regular DDR4 money. I need more RAM than this but for now it does, at least, double my RAM and brings me into dual-channel mode. My search for a bigger and better memory configuration that escapes...
  12. RS217 and RackMac Mini

    RS217 and RackMac Mini

    RS217 with 2 x WD HDDs, M1 Mac mini server above and RS1221+ below
  13. SynoMan

    NAS RackStation RS1221+/RS1221RP+

    Compact and reliable The RS1221+/RS1221RP+, at only 30 to 38 centimeters deep, is built for space-sensitive deployments. Boasting over 100K 4K random read IOPS and 2,315 MB/s sequential read1, the RS1221+/RS1221RP+ is equipped to handle heavy workloads in data-intensive environments. The...