Upgrading is the process of replacing a product with a newer version of the same product. In computing and consumer electronics an upgrade is generally a replacement of hardware, software or firmware with a newer or better version, in order to bring the system up to date or to improve its characteristics.

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  1. D

    DSM 7.1 DS218play HDD Upgrade Question

    I want to upgrade the HDD in my ds218play. My question is multipart, so please bear with me. The NAS has 2 HDD bays. One of them has a 4TB Seagate Ironwolf HDD. The other bay is vacant. RAID is not configured. I want to install 2 8TB Ironwolf Pro HDDs: one in each bay and use RAID 1 (the NAS...
  2. marco

    RAM upgrade

    Hello! I have 4GB RAM on a DS1819+, and the usage is always around 40%. The NAS is mainly used for streaming, but without real time transcoding. Since I don't see the NAS using more RAM than 40%, I'm correct that increasing the RAM will not do any difference? I think that more RAM are mainly...
  3. Arkayem

    Upgrade 6.2 to DSM 7.0 taking VERY long time

    I started the Upgrade from DSM 6.2 to DSM 7.0 over 6 hours ago, and it's been stuck at this screen for over 4 hours. What should I do?
  4. C

    DSM 6.2 Data Backup and upgrade to Brtfs

    Dear all, I need some help in how to upgrade my 1513+ storage space to Brtps so I can start to use Synology Drive. My NAS is operating under DSM 6.2. Currently, I got 3 HDD running on raid 5. The storage pool said I am using 3.5TB/5.4TB. I got 1 dummy HDD as volume 2 which I normally use...
  5. D

    RAM upgrade for DS1621+

    Hi, guys and gals! I want to bring a small contribution to this forum, for all of you looking to ugrade that paltry 4Gb of RAM. It's already almost a year I've been using this without any error, the NAS sees it as original. Got it from amazon Germany, PHS-memory 16GB RAM Memory for Synology...
  6. S

    DSM7 upgrade gone wrong

    Hi... I have successfully upgraded two NAS to DSM 7. This morning it was the turn of my main NAS. End result: no access. The initial upgrade went fine, I could login. After some initial random checks that things were good, I turned to my first objective that is to upgrade my Plex...
  7. A

    DSM 6.2 Upgrade to DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 3 - BROKE PLEX

    I just upgraded DSM to 6.2.4-25556 Update 3, and now Plex is not working properly! It gets stuck at 99% CPU and doesn't play videos. My Plex version is - which I believe is the latest, but I haven't received a notice to upgrade for months. Has anyone else seen the same...
  8. BoosterT

    Is it safe to upgrade by now?

    Here's the background. I use a DS1621+ as my main NAS. Its key purpose is a Plex server and for Synology Drive to keep my data files consistent. I flip back and forth between desktop at home and laptop at work, so this is critical. I also have 2 x DS1819+ servers. One is at home and one is at my...
  9. G

    DSM 6.2 is it safe to upgrade to docker version 20.10.3-0554

    Hello, i am still on DSM 6.2 and docker version 18.09.0-0519 i want to upgrade to the latest version 20.10.3-0554 but am not sure it is save to do so. the reason for hesitating is i read in another thread that after upgrading there is an btrfs error "failed to register layer: failed to create...
  10. A

    DS218+ to DS920+ | Is it worth the upgrade? Usage details below

    Hi all, I have a DS218+ which has been working great, running 2x6TB WD Red Plus. I mainly use it to backup from 2 PCs, share Photos, 2 security cameras, and HEAVY Plex use! I am slowly running out of space, and my only option is to replace both drives with larger drives as I cannot add...
  11. Sly870

    DS920+ RAM upgrade

    Good morning all :) Looking to upgrade the RAM on my new 920+. I see Synology has a 4GB stick for £80ish (OUCH!) and the Crucial is about £18. Is there an issue going with Crucial? Really finding it hard to justify that extra cost for a sticker? Looking for advice for those who have upgraded...
  12. R

    DSM 7.0 DS920+ upgrade to larger drives

    I currently have a DS920+ populated with 4x 8TB wd Reds. Capacity is up to 80% so i soon need to increase the disc sizes to say 14Tbs. Is it safe to remove 1x 8tb disc and replace it with the larger disc, then repeat this process 3 more times ? I also have access to another DS920+ which I...
  13. G

    want to upgrade my NAS's they ar both 4 bay 8TB drives, I would like to get 2 drive per NAS 14, 16TB or 18 TB with the best Price/noise level

    want to upgrade my NAS's DS 420+, DS 416 play. they are both 4 bay 8TB drives, I would like to get 2 drive per NAS with 14, 16TB or 18 TB drives with the best Price/noise level, should I buy seagate Exos (cheap but noisy?), Wd Red Pro, seagate IronWolf,toshiba enterprise (cheap , noisy?)....
  14. NSquirrel

    OpenVPN Server Upgrade to 1.2.14 - 2782

    I am still using DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 2 and I have just had OpenVPN automatically updated to 1.2.14 - 2782, although I am not sure what from what previous version. Something I have noticed, as I am unable to access via OpenVPN at present, is that I was using to access my NAS via...
  15. A

    DS218+ with heavy Plex use - Upgrade to DSM 7.0.1 - or stay on 6.2.4

    Hi all, I am a newbie Synology users (6 months) or so, it's being used to backup Desktop/laptop data (using Drive), and to host all our videos, which we used multiple times a day via Plex specially for our kids. I've upgraded RAM to 4GB, but everything else is stock, no dongles, add-ons, etc...
  16. A

    Upgrade advice for working RS3412xs

    Hi all, I have a RS3412xs. It was the 2012 model of the Rackstation XS line. It's been rock solid. It is populated with 10 Western Digital Raid Edition 2TB (WD2003FYYS-02W0B1) drives in RAID 6 . They have been operating since 2013 at least. I have also expanded the unit with RX1217...
  17. M

    DSM 7.0 How to upgrade from DSM 6 to 7 on Virtual Machine?

    Hi - I have a VM running DSM 6 and it works well. Just upgraded my DS918+ to DSM 7 today and it went smoothly. However, when I try the same for my VDSM it fails. Anyone know how to upgrade from 6 to 7 when it's hosted on a VM? When attempting to download from within the VM, I get a "Failed...
  18. Phone Guy

    Best/fastest way to clone hdd to upgrade capacity

    This may not be the right forum, so I apologize in advance for that. Moderators: please feel free to move this topic to the appropriate section. Upgrading my windows 10 pc that acts as my central media server/hub for all my local LAN stuff. Upgrading some aging hard drives (one was in use for...
  19. deltadata

    New DS920+ want upgrade memory non synology recommendations

    Hi, I just returned my 1st NAS ever 220+, it worked fine, however soon realized that it wouldn't accommodate future expansion plans, so I exchanged for the 920+, knowing that it too has limitations, however as a starter NAS it is way more than I can use presently, future 2-3 years might require...
  20. WST16

    DS220+ upgrade to 18GB.

    After my initial upgrade to 6GB with a 4GB Crucial memory that lasted for more than 7 months with no problems, I've gone mad and upgraded the 220+ to 18GB 😁 It's been about a week now and no problems so far. I've never received any warnings even during the first boot after installation, it was...