1. A

    DS218+ to DS920+ | Is it worth the upgrade? Usage details below

    Hi all, I have a DS218+ which has been working great, running 2x6TB WD Red Plus. I mainly use it to backup from 2 PCs, share Photos, 2 security cameras, and HEAVY Plex use! I am slowly running out of space, and my only option is to replace both drives with larger drives as I cannot add...
  2. Sly870

    DS920+ RAM upgrade

    Good morning all :) Looking to upgrade the RAM on my new 920+. I see Synology has a 4GB stick for £80ish (OUCH!) and the Crucial is about £18. Is there an issue going with Crucial? Really finding it hard to justify that extra cost for a sticker? Looking for advice for those who have upgraded...
  3. R

    DSM 7.0 DS920+ upgrade to larger drives

    I currently have a DS920+ populated with 4x 8TB wd Reds. Capacity is up to 80% so i soon need to increase the disc sizes to say 14Tbs. Is it safe to remove 1x 8tb disc and replace it with the larger disc, then repeat this process 3 more times ? I also have access to another DS920+ which I...
  4. G

    want to upgrade my NAS's they ar both 4 bay 8TB drives, I would like to get 2 drive per NAS 14, 16TB or 18 TB with the best Price/noise level

    want to upgrade my NAS's DS 420+, DS 416 play. they are both 4 bay 8TB drives, I would like to get 2 drive per NAS with 14, 16TB or 18 TB drives with the best Price/noise level, should I buy seagate Exos (cheap but noisy?), Wd Red Pro, seagate IronWolf,toshiba enterprise (cheap , noisy?)....
  5. NSquirrel

    OpenVPN Server Upgrade to 1.2.14 - 2782

    I am still using DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 2 and I have just had OpenVPN automatically updated to 1.2.14 - 2782, although I am not sure what from what previous version. Something I have noticed, as I am unable to access via OpenVPN at present, is that I was using to access my NAS via...
  6. A

    DS218+ with heavy Plex use - Upgrade to DSM 7.0.1 - or stay on 6.2.4

    Hi all, I am a newbie Synology users (6 months) or so, it's being used to backup Desktop/laptop data (using Drive), and to host all our videos, which we used multiple times a day via Plex specially for our kids. I've upgraded RAM to 4GB, but everything else is stock, no dongles, add-ons, etc...
  7. A

    Upgrade advice for working RS3412xs

    Hi all, I have a RS3412xs. It was the 2012 model of the Rackstation XS line. It's been rock solid. It is populated with 10 Western Digital Raid Edition 2TB (WD2003FYYS-02W0B1) drives in RAID 6 . They have been operating since 2013 at least. I have also expanded the unit with RX1217...
  8. M

    DSM 7.0 How to upgrade from DSM 6 to 7 on Virtual Machine?

    Hi - I have a VM running DSM 6 and it works well. Just upgraded my DS918+ to DSM 7 today and it went smoothly. However, when I try the same for my VDSM it fails. Anyone know how to upgrade from 6 to 7 when it's hosted on a VM? When attempting to download from within the VM, I get a "Failed...
  9. P

    Best/fastest way to clone hdd to upgrade capacity

    This may not be the right forum, so I apologize in advance for that. Moderators: please feel free to move this topic to the appropriate section. Upgrading my windows 10 pc that acts as my central media server/hub for all my local LAN stuff. Upgrading some aging hard drives (one was in use for...
  10. deltadata

    New DS920+ want upgrade memory non synology recommendations

    Hi, I just returned my 1st NAS ever 220+, it worked fine, however soon realized that it wouldn't accommodate future expansion plans, so I exchanged for the 920+, knowing that it too has limitations, however as a starter NAS it is way more than I can use presently, future 2-3 years might require...
  11. WST16

    DS220+ upgrade to 18GB.

    After my initial upgrade to 6GB with a 4GB Crucial memory that lasted for more than 7 months with no problems, I've gone mad and upgraded the 220+ to 18GB 😁 It's been about a week now and no problems so far. I've never received any warnings even during the first boot after installation, it was...
  12. Synology DSM 7 Upgrade - Upgrading our first NAS to DSM 7

    Synology DSM 7 Upgrade - Upgrading our first NAS to DSM 7

    Let's find out if our NAS can be upgraded to DSM 7 and if so, let's do it!00:00 - Intro00:11 - Does DSM 7 work on your device?01:30 - WARNING01:56 - Find you...
  13. Filbert

    Why not to upgrade to DSM7

    Apart from being cautious about new releases, why wouldn't I want to upgrade? What apps might it break, for example?
  14. M

    Upgrade Hard disk

    Hello, I have a DS415, DSM 6.2, 4HD 3TB WD RED and now it is running out of space. I am using Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR)(with data protection for 2-drive fault tolerance. 1- There are available WD RED, WD RED PLUS, WD RED PRO, I am thinking of getting one drive and exchange by 10TB. Which one...
  15. senp

    User introduction DS211+ upgrader just arrived here

    Hi all, I'm a long time 211+ user who just ordered my new 220+. So I thought I'd better say hello so you know who I am when I start asking dumb questions lol! Going to have a look around the Forum now, looks very busy around here!
  16. J

    RAM upgrade seen but not used? DS218+

    Hi everyone! I upgraded my DS218+ with an 8GB Crucial stick (after having checked compatibility on NAScompares at the time). DSM correctly sees the 10 GB, but after using 2GB (big task) does not use the other 8GB free physical memory (still displays them as free) and instead starts swapping to...
  17. FlyingPasty

    DSM 6.2.4-2556 Now Stable Enough To Upgrade From 6.2.3?

    Currently running a DS220+ (2X4TB BTRFS/SHR) on DSM 6.2.3-25426 Rel.3 in a small home environment (two users, no external access), as a file and media (Photostation and Plex) server, on a Windows-based network (Ethernet). Being a cautious sort of chap (and not being an ‘early-adopter’ fan of OS...
  18. A

    Synology RAM upgrade. Useful or not?

    Hi everyone :) I am currently using a Synology DS1819+ as a file server and to host a wiki (~20 users). The device comes equipped with 4GB of DDR4 and so far RAM usage has remained below 20% (usually around 15%). I guess this means that 1GB of RAM would be enough for what my DS does, right? I...
  19. atrisk

    upgrade drives or add extension box.

    I have a client that needs more space on the NAS. I have two options and would like to know what you guys think is the better option. Option 1 upgrade the existing 5 drives in the DS1618+ (new 8TB drives, currently 3TB drives) to larger disks to create the needed space. Using SHR for the...
  20. Coop777

    Portainer - pi hole container upgrade

    Afternoon all - posted this in the community, thought I'd try here for additional input/response: I followed a tutorial last fall that creates a pi hole server (container) within Portainer. At the end of the tutorial, it indicates that the pihole server is upgradable by shutting in the...