1. David M

    Synology NAS not showing up on your smart TV ?

    My DS920+ was a bit hit or miss when trying to use it with my Samsung smart TV. It was appearing as a source device for a long time and then disappeared. I tried everything to get it to back with absolutely no luck. It appeared on every other device on my home network ( mostly hard wired), just...
  2. M

    RT2600ac SRM web page access from smart phone?

    Hello. when I access SRM web page from smart phone, it's redirect to DS Router app link. It is not what I wanted... How can I access SRM web page from mobile phone? like access it from the Desktop PC.
  3. jeyare

    App How to monitor, control, damage check of disks in your Synology NAS

    I can show you, how you can get more and better information about your HDD/SSD and iSCSI drives operated in your NASes by useful tool called HD Sentinel: Note: - don't by dissuaded by UI from maybe 2005 - in right hands it's more useful tool than all exist Syno packages for the disks...