1. Cyberwasp

    ssd cache

    On rebuilding my DS920+. I'm wondering if it's worth activating the 1tb SSD cache. It was in my old system that crashed but never noticed a difference. Should I activate it or just ignore it. I've read here and on other forums that it doesn't make much difference and uses some system ram when...
  2. B

    Oh, No... DSM 7.1 *REMOVED* critical SSD/NVME Cache Functionality!!! :-(

    DSM 6.2 through 6.2.4 Flash-Cache (SSD/NVME) worked great. DSM 7.01 removed only one key feature. DSM 7.1 now works entirely differently, removing many key features while adding just one feature. This post encourages discussion on the huge differences in these DSM Flash-Cache features now...
  3. A

    RAM use and SSD cache - a Hindrance or boost for a home user?

    So I have a leftover NVMe M.2 drive sitting in a drawer because I replaced a 512 Western digital in my laptop with a Samsung 970 EVO plus 1TB. In other words...its "free" and currently useless. I am waiting for a 920+ to be delivered, with my use case Synology Photos, Family Files storage...
  4. N

    SSD cache, M2D18 vs M2D20 considering drive compatibility

    I'm adding SSD cache to my RP2418RP+, and I'm looking at the M2D18 and M2D20. The M2D20 would be the obvious choice given the PCIe 3.0 performance except the drive compatibility list only including Synology drives, the maximum of which is 800GB. If I go for the older M2D18, I can find plenty...
  5. Jan Janowski

    SSD Cache needs to be updated (created in V6)

    Ijn Storage Manager in 7.1, On a 720+ with M.2 R/W cache that was enabled in V6..... Now in V7.1 I'm being told in Storage mananger that I should remove the V6 SSD Cache, and then re-install it under 7.1, as it will be a better Cache..... Never done this before, and I've read corruption can...
  6. D

    SSD Cache for my DS920+

    I run Storj and it makes my drives crazy loud, 4x16TB Exos 16. Would 2 Samsung 870 evo plus 1TB ease my ears?
  7. B

    best cache setup for pair of ssd cards

    I have used a 512Gb NVMe card for cache, and soon will acquire one more. I have run cache advisor which suggests at least 1Tb for cache. Most of the large operations are reading not writing. Most bulk writes occur through slow transmissions, such as over residential fiber uplink. The system runs...
  8. K

    M.2 cache DS920+

    Hi folks! I already have a WD M.2 cache and it's all doing it's thing just fine as a read-only cache. However, I repurchased the same device (to ensure 100% compatibility) and fitted it just today. It's been a long time since I purchased & installed the original M.2 though and my memory is a...
  9. M

    Will I benefit from SSD write cache?

    I have a new 920+ and 2x16TB Ironwolf Pro drives and have noticed a constant disk activity attributed to docker containers I am running. The NAS Nevers stops writing at the rate of 400-600KB/s. Containers are Sabnzbd, Sonarr, Radarr, Prowlarr. Presumably it is logging activity. Will write cache...
  10. Striker

    SSD Cache after upgrading is doing constant writeback to volume (HDD noises)

    Hello :) I have a strange thing going on with my DS920+ and new DSM 7.0 and its SSD caching. Im using 2x 500 GB Samsung 970 EVO which are on compatibility list for DS920+. I ve done an upgrade from DSM 6 to DSM 7 months ago but few days ago I noticed that my SSD Cache is telling me that its...
  11. ric0ric

    Cache or RAM first?

    I am awaiting the arrival of a 1621+ and would value advice on which upgrades would be most useful; 2x cache or extra RAM. I have a UPS. The NAS is going to be almost entirely used by just myself. Apart from storage and viewing of media (videos and images files) I shall be using it with...
  12. cruzzin

    HELP... (Cache) Anyone know why my cache drives look like this? I meant to put one in for read and one in for write.

    Cache...anyone know why my cache drives look like this? I meant to put one in for read and one in for write. Pic just seems odd. Cache is stacked it looks like for read only or is that the way everyone's cache look like. Any help would be appreciated... Thanks-in-advance!
  13. H

    Mac clients - SMB cache issues

    I updated my NAS (a DS418Play, as detailed above) to DSM7.0-41890, hoping that would resolve the issues I have been experiencing with SMB shares from a Macintosh (running Big Sur 11.5). DSM7 has a much more up-to-date version of Samba (4.10.18) than used to be the case with DSM6.2 (4.4.16 at...
  14. Cyberwasp

    Synology cache info menu

    In DSM 6 there was a windows that showed the info on the cache, "amount, hit rate etc." Anyone know of a replacement of sorts since DSM 7 removed it, maybe through Docker? Here's the old on for reference: TIA
  15. equinox

    DSM 7.0 Q: What is the different between buffer and cache

    As you can see the screenshot below, it was from Resource manager->Memory tab. What is the different between buffer and cache? When the buffer/cache is used? I know when I transfer large files, the cache can be increased to 15GB. Thanks
  16. M

    Synology Photos, ghost files, cache, permissions and indexing

    Hi. I am a long time happy user of Photo Station. I liked the control it gave me over my users and all our pictures. I am used to organize and manipulate files via generic file browsers and File Station. I get uncomfortable whenever software tries to outsmart me and organize stuff behind my...
  17. R

    Anyone running the SDD Cache Advisor in DSM 7?

    After the update to DSM 7 almost a week ago I went into the SSD cache settings and found the Cache Advisor which needs to run for 7 days to give results. The interesting thing is that it appears that Synolgoy forgot to format the time the darn this is running: I assume that the Time spent of...
  18. C

    Trouble ReFormatting SSD Cache Drives

    I'm having trouble re-using/formatting what used to be cached SSDs for my 415+ after the 415+ died. I have 2 500gb SSD which were used in a cache rw which i had been using previously with my synology 415+. It's like both ssds died at the same time. I've tried diskpart recover/clear/activate...
  19. L

    Multiple Storage Pools and SSD Cache

    Hi, I’ve got a DS1520+ (5 bay) with 5 x 4TB HDDs, and 2 Samsung 970 Evos as cache. I’ve just attached the DX517 expansion unit and installed 5 x 10TB HDDs in there. Unfortunately I made the mistake of simply expanding my original storage pool and consequently, the new 10TB drives are now only...
  20. C

    Sabrent Rocket 1TB...

    Hi All, Anyone used the Sabrent Rocket 1TB for NVME SSD Cache? - Rocket SSD | Sabrent Just reading a review on it and the 1TB has a TBW of 1665.... not sure in my searching i have found a consumer ssd with such a high number (Sabrent Rocket 1 TB M.2 NVMe SSD Review). Cheers