1. K

    DS218+ SSD Cache

    Hello, is it possible to display the SSD CACHE function in the storage manager for a DS218+. I activated the esata port as an internal drive via SSH and would now like to use this as an ssd cache. Thank you for the help Christian
  2. F

    What is the maximum SSD cache size for DS1618+ with M2D18?

    I'm planning to install MD218 to add SSD cache on my ds1618+. I have 32 GB RAM. Now for the two M.2 slots in MD218 I am going to buy two SSD drives. Is there a limit on the size of SSD drive that can be installed? Can I buy two 1TB SSD drives for SSD cache on ds1618+? Then the SSD cache size...
  3. Q

    Question RAM and Cache memory upgrade

    hello everyone I am very lucky that I found this forum. it is full of information that I could not find elsewhere so keep posting. today I would like to ask you all experts about upgrading RAM and Cache. I looked into Amazon for Synology D4ECSO-2666-16G RAM for my DS1819+ and it costs over 300$...
  4. C

    Solved DRAM-Less NVMe for SSD Cache?

    Hi everyone, I just purchased a DS918+ (Yep, just a few days after the DS920+ was leaked) :oops: For the price I got my 918+, I was able to squeeze 2 NVMes in my budget. But it was too late as I noticed later on that the NVMes I got were DRAM-less. Now my questions are, is anyone using...
  5. oRBIT

    SSD-cache on DS918+

    When I'm creating a NVMe cache on my DS918+, DSM allows me to select the size of the cache. What's the purpose for this since I obviously can't use the space I'm not allocating as cache for anything else?