1. B

    SSDs Cache for DS720+ worth it?

    Good day all - I am a new home-user of a Synology DS720+ and I am reaching out in hopes to find recommendations about configuring SSD cache. My current set-up and use: (2) 4TB HDD Seagate IronWolf drives in RAID1 and (1) Seagate IronWolf 510 M.2 SSD configured as read-only cache. The NAS is...
  2. dminches

    SSD Cache for DS920+

    Is it better to use 1 larger m.2, let's say 500GB, than 2 smaller ones? I have 2 256 GB Sabrents which I can use or I can buy a single 512.
  3. aGraphicz

    Firmware Seagate IronWolf 16TB 3.5" - ST16000VN001

    Hi I would like to buy the Seagate IronWolf 16TB (ST16000VN001) for the DS920+ I read online that the 12TB and 10TB version comes with an old Firmware (SC60) that does not support Write Cache. The firmware version SC61 should solve the problem. Does this model support it? Thanks!
  4. jono

    How well does an SSD Cache work?

    I’m thinking of buying a couple of NVMe disks to use for cache in my DS1019+, and wondered what other people’s experiences are with them? I remember reading in the past that cache disks on DSM6 don’t (or didn’t) work particularly well, but should be improved in DSM7. But it was quite a while...
  5. AlexS

    SSD for cache and ram upgrade recommendations for DS920+

    Hey all, I'm new on here and have purchased a DS920+ and awaiting for it to be delivered so i thought i'd get the rest of the upgrades that i need in the meantime. Just wanting to buy 2 SSD's for Cache and was looking at the Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB M.2 NVMe and was wondering if anyone could...
  6. 9

    how to adjust cache from Read/Write to only Read

    Hi all, I'm new, and I dont have any IT background I'm trying to muddle through this NAS thing but I expect I will need some expert advice from time to time. I am running two cahces and have read about the potential loss of data when under R/W as I am using my 918+ only for home use the R/W...
  7. RoCaRay

    SSD Volume vs. HDD Volume with NVMe Cache

    We're setting up a DS1621xs+ that will be used for: - WebServices/nginx/php Web Application and MetaData Files --- 1GB, performance-sensitive, high-activity, read-write - Media Files --- 15TB, low activity playback, 99% read-only We have on-hand: - 4x12TB Exos HDDs (RAID5 storage pool) - 2x...
  8. K

    DS218+ SSD Cache

    Hello, is it possible to display the SSD CACHE function in the storage manager for a DS218+. I activated the esata port as an internal drive via SSH and would now like to use this as an ssd cache. Thank you for the help Christian
  9. F

    What is the maximum SSD cache size for DS1618+ with M2D18?

    I'm planning to install MD218 to add SSD cache on my ds1618+. I have 32 GB RAM. Now for the two M.2 slots in MD218 I am going to buy two SSD drives. Is there a limit on the size of SSD drive that can be installed? Can I buy two 1TB SSD drives for SSD cache on ds1618+? Then the SSD cache size...
  10. Q

    Question RAM and Cache memory upgrade

    hello everyone I am very lucky that I found this forum. it is full of information that I could not find elsewhere so keep posting. today I would like to ask you all experts about upgrading RAM and Cache. I looked into Amazon for Synology D4ECSO-2666-16G RAM for my DS1819+ and it costs over 300$...
  11. C

    Solved DRAM-Less NVMe for SSD Cache?

    Hi everyone, I just purchased a DS918+ (Yep, just a few days after the DS920+ was leaked) :oops: For the price I got my 918+, I was able to squeeze 2 NVMes in my budget. But it was too late as I noticed later on that the NVMes I got were DRAM-less. Now my questions are, is anyone using...
  12. oRBIT

    SSD-cache on DS918+

    When I'm creating a NVMe cache on my DS918+, DSM allows me to select the size of the cache. What's the purpose for this since I obviously can't use the space I'm not allocating as cache for anything else?