1. BiggPerci

    Solved Active Backup restore to SSD fails - any ideas

    Hi, I have encountered an issue with Active Backup, I have a few ideas but nothing concrete, has anyone else had issue that restoring to SSD fails? I have backup from 1TB drive, partitioned off to 160Gb and is GPT. I have restored this image to spinning disks smaller than 1TB but my only...
  2. iStone

    Question HDD mixed with SSD (for DS412+)

    SSD is now almost the same price as HDD e.g. 1 TB, I am thinking about to replace one HDD( No.1) with SSD, does it make sense? any complication? Benefits I would expect is noise reduction/ speed, but has concerns if incompatibility on speed chock or jam? please share your thoughts? ------...