1. J

    Need help figuring this out - DS218+ HDD failure, Plex migration to SSD and different raid configuration

    So, this is a head scratcher for me and need help figuring this out. In an endeavor to ensure that this goes according to plan, I look to you, the Synology geniuses, to guide me. I currently have the Synology DS218+ that I use as a Plex Media Server but also use for backups. One of my hard...
  2. A

    RAM use and SSD cache - a Hindrance or boost for a home user?

    So I have a leftover NVMe M.2 drive sitting in a drawer because I replaced a 512 Western digital in my laptop with a Samsung 970 EVO plus 1TB. In other words...its "free" and currently useless. I am waiting for a 920+ to be delivered, with my use case Synology Photos, Family Files storage...
  3. N

    SSD cache, M2D18 vs M2D20 considering drive compatibility

    I'm adding SSD cache to my RP2418RP+, and I'm looking at the M2D18 and M2D20. The M2D20 would be the obvious choice given the PCIe 3.0 performance except the drive compatibility list only including Synology drives, the maximum of which is 800GB. If I go for the older M2D18, I can find plenty...
  4. Jan Janowski

    SSD Cache needs to be updated (created in V6)

    Ijn Storage Manager in 7.1, On a 720+ with M.2 R/W cache that was enabled in V6..... Now in V7.1 I'm being told in Storage mananger that I should remove the V6 SSD Cache, and then re-install it under 7.1, as it will be a better Cache..... Never done this before, and I've read corruption can...
  5. D

    SSD Cache for my DS920+

    I run Storj and it makes my drives crazy loud, 4x16TB Exos 16. Would 2 Samsung 870 evo plus 1TB ease my ears?
  6. EAZ1964

    Backblaze first SSD statistics

    please read, if you are interested, with even more caution than the HDD stats, this first report. This first blog is full of precautions as drive count is only 2200, and drive days are low so confidence levels are wide. Also there is a limited selection of SSD brands, that seems not yet...
  7. B

    best cache setup for pair of ssd cards

    I have used a 512Gb NVMe card for cache, and soon will acquire one more. I have run cache advisor which suggests at least 1Tb for cache. Most of the large operations are reading not writing. Most bulk writes occur through slow transmissions, such as over residential fiber uplink. The system runs...
  8. A

    How do you interpret the SSD Caching Advisor?

    Hi All, I recently ran the SSD Caching Advisor and it recommended 240 GB to me for my DS920+. What I would like to know is how do I interpret this value? Do I have to buy 2 ~240GB SSDs for each bay or am I supposed to buy like 2 ~120GB SSDs to make up the full 240GB? Also for future refence...
  9. aGraphicz

    Replace SSDs with HDDs

    Hi there ;) 1 year ago I bought a DS920+ with 4 SSDs from Seagate. Slowly I am realizing I made a mistake when buying it, for one simple reason: NAS SSDs are insanely expensive and hard to find. The SSDs are 1.92 TB each and for the amount of data I need they are not enough (I am using SHR)...
  10. Robbie

    8TB SSD Prices - On the way down?

    Cheapest I have seen an 8TB SSD, for those that laugh at the Synology Vendor Lock - down to £555 on Amazon: For those that appreciate SSD volumes, of course. ☕️
  11. EAZ1964

    The merger of ram, ssd and flash is within a few years reach? Ultraram

    Will the next step after optane, mean a full integration of ram, ssd and flash, making hardware even simpler and storage cheaper? Developments from the UK university of Lancaster:
  12. L

    Synology Compatibility Hack

    Hi. I made a hack for my Synology Devices so it uses now every hard disk i put into it. After i tested it on my 2 devices i think its ok to post it on Github so everyone can try it. I have tested it with DSM 7.0.1. GitHub - Livedeath2k/Synology-Compatibility-Hack: It's a hack to disable the...
  13. Robbie

    Out with the old, in with the new - 'Tis the Season - SSD

    Out with the old: In with the new: Another 4TB WD Blue to add to the volume - I've been very happy with these drives to date. It's only since the trading the RS1221+ fan noise for the Noctua silence do you get to fully appreciate the peace of SSDs. Usually when I open the door to the...
  14. BobW

    Can you combine SSD and HDD disk into one SHR storage pool

    Hi, Question is it possible to combine 1 SSD disk and 2 HDD disk into one SHR storage pool with one volume? At the moment I have 1x 2TB SSD into storage pool 1 (volume 1) And 2x 8TB HDD into storage pool 2 (volume 2) On the SSD I have all the applications / Docker/ MailPlus-server and also the...
  15. M

    Will I benefit from SSD write cache?

    I have a new 920+ and 2x16TB Ironwolf Pro drives and have noticed a constant disk activity attributed to docker containers I am running. The NAS Nevers stops writing at the rate of 400-600KB/s. Containers are Sabnzbd, Sonarr, Radarr, Prowlarr. Presumably it is logging activity. Will write cache...
  16. Striker

    SSD Cache after upgrading is doing constant writeback to volume (HDD noises)

    Hello :) I have a strange thing going on with my DS920+ and new DSM 7.0 and its SSD caching. Im using 2x 500 GB Samsung 970 EVO which are on compatibility list for DS920+. I ve done an upgrade from DSM 6 to DSM 7 months ago but few days ago I noticed that my SSD Cache is telling me that its...
  17. EAZ1964

    2.5GBe, 2x m.2 nvme SSD with Celeron processor

    When do we expect Synology to make the next technological step? Today the competition has announced a 3 bay with the above specs for around 500euro. I am ready..
  18. EAZ1964

    Backblaze SSD boot drive preliminary findings

    For what it is worth, with even more than the usual precautions, the SSD vs HDD boot disk comparison: Interesting to see these statistics develop. My average SSD age is with 4 years higher than Backblaze :-) no...
  19. E

    Synology Drive Client data taking most of my laptop SSD

    I have a DS220J with 6TB drives (i.e. a mirrored pair) - it's set up with straightforward default installation/set-up options (I'm new to all this). I use Linux Mint on a couple of PCs and I've installed Synology Drive Client 3.0.1 on both. One is a desktop with a 2TB drive and all is well...
  20. EAZ1964

    SSD only NAS at the 30000h milestone

    Just to share some SSD experiences: Next week, my first two SSD (Samsung 850 and a Sandisk Ultra) will pass the 30K hours. They are in a SHR with a later added Samsung 860 that has 8000h on the clock. Life estimation is still 96% at the Samsung 850 and no issues so far. These three are still...