1. Cyberwasp

    hard drive replace or let fail

    I hope I'm in the right forum. I have a hard drive that at random times makes a grinding noise. am not sure which drive it is at it doesn't last long enough to pull the drive to see if the noise stops, "maybe 6 seconds," tops. It may even be the usb attached drive I use for hyper backup. Since...
  2. BobW

    Trying to replace Synology's RP with NPM but this isn't working as expected. How to solve this?

    Hi all, I've setup NPM to replace the bulletin Synology RP and it isn't working as I would like it to do. These are the steps I've taken so far: Port-forwarding 80 and 443 to Host (Nas where Docker NPM is running) 80:8080 and 443:44300 Open 8080 and 44300 in Firewall Setup NPM with Access...
  3. ed.j

    How to replace a HDD in DS920+

    I know this is pretty basic stuff, but I've not done it before and don't want to mess it up! Setup: DS920+ with 4 x 4TB in SHR. I have bought 2 x 16TB to increase the volume size (whilst maintaining data). I have seen some conflicting advice, one says to use the "replace" functionality in...