1. B

    Cannot ssh as a user, but ssh as admin works.

    I am trying to ssh into my synology using the command: ssh -p <portnumber> [email protected] I get challenged with a request for a password, but when I enter the password get a 'Permission denied, please try again.' message. I *am* able to log into dsm as this user with this password, so I...
  2. T

    How to Read Pre-Existing Data from an Independent Hard Drive

    Hello, I have a synology NAS with an up and working RAID array. Independently from that I also have an internal SATA drive with data on it, from which I would like to read data through the NAS (since I lack an enclosure to connect to it), and transfer data towards the raid volume. I found a...
  3. francisgernet

    PHP7 and Python 3 by default in a ssh session

    Hello, On my DS 213+ (DSM 6.2.4-25556), if I connect via ssh, I have a php 5.6 and a python 2.7: $ php -v PHP 5.6.11 (cli) (built: Mar 4 2021 18:45:33) ... $ python --version Python 2.7.18 These software are in /bin : $ which php /bin/php [email protected]:~$ which python /bin/python How to get by...
  4. PeterSuh

    Info How to log in without SSH password + How to log in without password

    I started with a scheduler script to automatically power down the target NAS. There is a need to be controlled without a password, so I summarized what I learned after studying on the Internet for a day. The Macintosh I'm using has a terminal app installed by default. It is explained by...
  5. S

    Passwordless ssh

    Hello, This is my second post, which is related to my problem. I apologize for inconvenience having two questions active the same time, but my problem is urgent. I want to login to my Diskstation through ssh without asking password in order to use rsync to synchronize two diskstations. I am...
  6. bobkoure

    How do I get root via SSH?

    I have SSH enabled (don't need a lecture about telnet being BAD) but I cannot get root permissions. I can login as me (member of the administrators group) that works fine, but if I try to su neither my password or that for user admin works. If I login as user 'admin', that works, but I still...
  7. degoogler

    DSM 7.0 Anyone get passwordless key-based SSH access to work in DSM 7?

    Has anyone figured out how to get SSH keys working (passwordless shell access) with DSM 7? It seems to operate differently than DSM 6 in this regard, and my searches haven't turned up anything new specific to DSM 7.
  8. iStone

    ssh access, vim & PATH

    Gents, currently I am trying `rsync` from local to remote SynoNAS, failed, and discovered several strange settings: At SynoNAS' root directory, bin/ is symbolically linked to /usr/bin ? same as yours? PS: DSM 6.2; Where is your "vim", when you `which vim`, and the settings e.g...
  9. one-eyed-king

    How to enable keyfile based auth for ssh on DSM?

    I wanted to see whether Ansible can be used on DSM :) Modifying the os and installing containers is a no brainer with Ansible. I thought maybe this might be a nice way to setup docker containers, reverse proxy configs and whatever the heart desires. So far, I wrote a bash script that performs...
  10. K

    Logging IP's of successful SSH logins? Is it possible?

    Hello, I see I can find the IP addresses of UNsuccessful logins at. /var/log/auth.log but when a successful login happens it does not record the IP address. Is there another way I can find the IP address of SUCCESSUFL SSH logins? Thanks!!!
  11. SynoMan

    Tutorial How to find UID (userID) and GID (groupID)?

    First, you need to SSH into your NAS. When you are in your NAS with the user you want the ID for, just type id and hit Enter. Now you'll get something like this: uid=1031(your_nas_user) gid=100(users) groups=100(users), 101(administrators) From that, you can read your UID is 1031, user group...
  12. SynoMan

    Tutorial How to SSH into a NAS?

    In DSM go to Control Panel > Terminal & SNMP > Terminal tab Check Enable SSH service and set your port (it is strongly recommended not to use port 22, but to change it to something else). Open Terminal (Mac) (on Windows machine open CMD (Command Prompt) or PuTTY program for instance) and...
  13. How to SSH into a Synology NAS

    How to SSH into a Synology NAS

    SSH-ing into a Synology NAS is easy. I'll show you how in about five minutes.
  14. iStone

    SSH into synology: vi missing color scheme

    Dears, I just notice I cannot change vi color scheme ( :colorscheme ... only default) , while ssh into SynoNAS via Ubuntu within Windows 10. can anyone help, where are the color scheme and even if I could install/restore them or update vi in SynoNAS? Thanks!