storage pool

  1. J

    Increase storage pool size

    I am running out of space and want to upgrade one of my HD but don’t see the option to “replace drive” per the synology directions. Is there another area I need to do this. Also I have a 918+ in SHR1 running four 6TB drives. Will I get any increase in space with 1 HD or do I need to upgrade 2...
  2. A

    Storage pool Degraded-Disk replacement

    I have 2 x 6 Tb in a Shr 1 setup, one drive failed (#2). I only have 0.5 Tb used. I could get by with a 3Tb setup. Can I replace the failed disk with a 3Tb? If I go with another 6 Tb replacement I'm having trouble finding a drive on the compatibility list.i currently have WD60EFRX drives...
  3. Cyberwasp

    storage pool crash!!

    Hey guys. We had an outage today and my ups took care of my system. I didn't know how long it was going to be, so I shut down everything including the nas. However, upon restarting the nas it says the storage pool is degraded. drive 1 (4tb) says," system partition fail and drive 2 (16tb) says...
  4. P

    Storage pools/volumes and RAID type

    Hi, fairly new to the world of Synology NAS. I am about to take delivery of a DS920+ with 4 times 4TB. My question is about the storage pools/storage volumes. I would like to pair the hard drives as follow: one pair for business and one pair for personal stuff (for each pair there is the main...
  5. H

    How do I clear NAS of old drive data?

    Had single drive storage pool in drive 8 on DS1821+ Deleted storage pool & physically ejected drive 8 but Storage manager/Drive Information still shows as present in the NAS. How do I clear NAS of old drive data? Please advise.
  6. I

    Add extra storage to volume

    Hello, I am new to a NAS Synology DS220+ and I can't figure something out. At first I had one Seagate 4TB HDD, but I want to expand my storage with another 4TB (8TB total). (The backup is done on another external HDD, which means I don't need to replicate the data.) I have bought another...