1. J

    Increase storage pool size

    I am running out of space and want to upgrade one of my HD but don’t see the option to “replace drive” per the synology directions. Is there another area I need to do this. Also I have a 918+ in SHR1 running four 6TB drives. Will I get any increase in space with 1 HD or do I need to upgrade 2...
  2. A

    Storage pool Degraded-Disk replacement

    I have 2 x 6 Tb in a Shr 1 setup, one drive failed (#2). I only have 0.5 Tb used. I could get by with a 3Tb setup. Can I replace the failed disk with a 3Tb? If I go with another 6 Tb replacement I'm having trouble finding a drive on the compatibility list.i currently have WD60EFRX drives...
  3. S

    DSM 7.1 Files stored on a pool vs volume

    I have 3 16TB HDDs in my DS920+ newly setup with a SHR-1 pool and a single volume plus a few basic packages installed. It shows the storage pool as 29.1 TB and the volume size as 27.9 TB (a 1.2 TB difference in size). On the volume it shows about 800 MB as used although I haven't put any of my...
  4. Cyberwasp

    storage pool crash!!

    Hey guys. We had an outage today and my ups took care of my system. I didn't know how long it was going to be, so I shut down everything including the nas. However, upon restarting the nas it says the storage pool is degraded. drive 1 (4tb) says," system partition fail and drive 2 (16tb) says...
  5. ed.j

    DSM 6.2 Is it possible to expand an SHR volume on a DS416slim using the USB3 port?

    Basically my DS416slim uses Shared Folder Sync to mirror a folder on my main NAS. The 416 is running out of space and it already has the biggest possible HDDs in it (2TB x 4). I've not really got much use for this NAS other than as a mirror for this folder, so if I can't expand the space it's...
  6. M

    New 576TB NAS, pool & RAID planning (SA3600 + 2 exp)

    Hi, This isn't my first NAS rodeo, but first time we're giving Synology a serious chance at our company. The hardware arrives in a few days, and I want to plan the volume makeup ahead of time. SA3600 (128GB RAM) + 2 x RS1222sas expansion chassis, full with 36 x 16TB Toshiba enterprise drives...
  7. H

    How do I clear NAS of old drive data?

    Had single drive storage pool in drive 8 on DS1821+ Deleted storage pool & physically ejected drive 8 but Storage manager/Drive Information still shows as present in the NAS. How do I clear NAS of old drive data? Please advise.
  8. BobW

    Can you combine SSD and HDD disk into one SHR storage pool

    Hi, Question is it possible to combine 1 SSD disk and 2 HDD disk into one SHR storage pool with one volume? At the moment I have 1x 2TB SSD into storage pool 1 (volume 1) And 2x 8TB HDD into storage pool 2 (volume 2) On the SSD I have all the applications / Docker/ MailPlus-server and also the...
  9. S

    Increase storage pool and add another volume or create another storage pool?

    Morning all, Just purchased a new ds1520. Initially populated it with 3x2TB disks, created a storage pool (shr) with all three and then created a volume with all available storage. Everything is working fine. I have now installed 6TB and 8TB disks to completely populate the 5 drives. My...
  10. S

    Building a Storage Pool -- Long Time

    So why does it take so long to build a storage pool on my new DS1520? I have 3 for the 5 drives populated with 2 TBs each. It has been running for nearly 48 hours and still has 75% left to complete. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Harold
  11. jann

    Does the number of drives I "can lose" w/o losing integrity change depending on how full the Storage Pool is?

    I am just wondering...those of you who remember my horrific start w/my DS1520+ know that I did this wrong to begin with. Let's be nice to me and set that aside. I put drives that were too large in my Synology to begin with and had to spend tons of $$ to go up from there when I expanded. (ie...