1. W

    Router Admin Password - Change without a Reset?

    While running the initial Security Scan on the 2600, It showed two items... one being the ADMIN password as "weak".... When initially setting up the 2600, I opted for the LAN / Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi. I believe because of this, I was not prompted to use the default password from the label...
  2. jeyare

    PWDB - New generation of Password Mass-Analysis (stats)

    this is interesting reading about password security analysis of credentials enjoy!
  3. Telos

    Question What is your password change policy?

    Generally, I change user passwords every 12 months, and admin passwords every 6 months. But this can be painful... as it precipitates many other changes... For example, on my modest network, I recently had to update... each related Bitwarden login four CalDAV clients four CardDAV clients two...
  4. S

    BitWarden - password manager (bitwardenrs/server image)

    I have the bitwardners/server image up and running (I used the bitwardenrs/server tutorial). I'm able to access it by my internal ip: port number. However when I try to create my account via the web page I get the following error after I press the submit button "An error has occurred, An...
  5. Y

    Password timer?

    Im opening a cafe in the philippines 1. Password set to 1 hr and cannot be reused (option to continue) 2. Password set to 5 hrs and cannot be reused (option to continue) 3. Password set to unlimited Person A buys coffee. A gets 1 hr free internet. A cannot log in again to gain another 1...
  6. Rusty

    Docker BitWarden - self hosted password manager using bitwardenrs/server image

    Rusty submitted a new resource: BitWarden - self hosted password manager using mprasil/bitwarden image - Quick tutorial on how to run this in docker Read more about this resource...