1. chenks

    Pihole update causing container restart

    update my pihole container this morning via the method i always pull down the latest image from the registry stop the container reset the container start the container the container is now stuck in a resart loop in the logs i see this 13/04/2022 10:15 stdout ::: Starting docker...
  2. C

    Docker pihole, log out

    I've recently updated my piholes to the latest version without a hitch. However, I can't find Log out in any menu. did they do away with it?? TIA
  3. C

    Pihole update

    I've been running pihole in Docker on my DS920. The only issue I've had is with doing updates. I dl the latest version and load it. When I do I have to enter all of the data again. Is there a better or easier way. TIA
  4. H

    Pihole - timezone wrong

    I'm trying to setup Pihole in a docker container on my synology. However, I'm having issues to get it to work. I think it has to do with the fact that my timezone in the container (UTC) does not align with my actual timezone (CET). I tried to get it changed but setting TZ to Europe/Amsterdam...
  5. daptap

    pihole - error log: "can't bind to socket: Address already in use"

    I had a pihole running for a couple of years in docker in DSM. Then I tried to update the container today and it broke. After following this tutorial and this one (the same except for what they name the pihole subfolders in file station), I get the following error in the container log...
  6. WST16

    Blocking system test

    If you're implementing AdGuard or Pi-Hole, here's a page that checks how efficient your blocking system is. You can manually amend what's missing to your system. I got 87% for my AdGuard. Very nice but I'll try to improve it. https://d3ward.github.io/toolz/adblock.html