1. E

    Active Backup for Business - a bare metal restore problem - help appreciated

    As I had to send my laptop to dell for repairs, I created a full system backup. In the hindsight, it is probably a bad decision. Today the laptop returns with a new motherboard. I booted the laptop with the usb drive I created before. signed in the Synology and select my backup. However, I got...
  2. we87

    Backup Android Phone with ability to restore?

    I wanted to know if its possible to make an actual backup of an android phone (Samsung Galaxy S Series) to a synology nas. Not the pictures and videos, like photo station or moments, but the actual phone like applications and system folders to the point where if I had a catastrophic hardware...
  3. G

    DSM 7.0 Bare Metal Restore to larger drive

    Hello All Windows 10 physical machine currently has a 256Gb SSD drive. Would like to use active backup bare metal restore to restore to a new larger 1Tb SSD. I know you can restore to a larger drive, but would you be able to restore the required partition to a larger partition when doing the...
  4. M

    DSM 6.2 How can I restore /usr/sbin/iptables?

    In trying to fix another issue, I ran the following command: ln -sf /usr/sbin/iptables-legacy /usr/sbin/iptables When that failed to fix the issue, I tried to undo it with the following: rm /usr/sbin/iptables ...and caused my own demise. Unfortunately, that broke my Docker images including...
  5. C

    Issues on restoring ESXi VM Backup

    hi all Hope i'm right no this topic. We use Active Backup to backup our VMs on our ESXi. The daily creation of the backups works fine! But we try right now to restore a backup on original location (with another name) and on each our our vm backups, they breaks on 5%. The log message i wrote...
  6. J

    Can The restore process be automated?

    I was an administrator responsible for backups for a large corporation for 25 years and I am very impressed with Active Backup. Every backup package I have ever used or tested always has some caveat, especially when using it for bare-metal restores. I recently restore the boot drive on my laptop...
  7. H

    Can't create USB support with Restore Media Creator-2.2.0-1524(2074)

    Hi Everyone, I have to restore a windows 2012 R2 server. I checked my configuration with Synology support and they sent me a link to the restore media creator that fix raid issues. My server is configured with raid 1. This is the version I'm supposed to use : Restore Media...
  8. B

    Restore without the NAS

    Is it possible to restore an Active Backup which is copied to a USB drive, without the NAS? For example copy the img files to USB drive, Hyper Backup, or USB Copy.. whatever options available to use USB as an "off site". Then disaster happens and I lose the PC and the NAS, and my only backup...
  9. C

    Bare metal restore, maybe

    I've recently been having trouble with windows and am considering a bare metal restore. My question pertains the the, "restore media creator." Are the files on it used in the restore process or just to start it." I haven't made one recently and want to know before trying it. It's last ditch...
  10. T

    DSM 7.0 Active Backup Portal Restore URL

    Since I upgraded to DSM 7, the address of the restore portal when clicking on the restore portal button opens an url which is no more the local address used by the agent for backup. When the browser opens the address part of the url shown is the DDNS address defined in remote access. I don't...
  11. G

    DSM 6.2 Drive recycle bin restore - partial failure

    Yesterday a folder within Synology Drive was accidently deleted. I was able to see this folder and files in the recycle bin, I then attempted a restore from the iOS mobile drive app. In the notification center I got "Failed to restore Folder Name" Partial failure. It appears that the folder was...
  12. X

    How to fix a stupid mistake replacing old volume with new

    On my DS2411+ I had 2TB drives in use and started seeing more and more failures, more often from newer drives than the old ones. So I bought myself some 4TB Red Plus drives to replace them. I went from 10x2TB to 3x4TB given most of my data is on my other NAS now. I had migrated (or at least...
  13. P

    Active Backup for 365 portal restore - Can't change task

    I have 4 tasks running for 4 different Office 365 accounts. I'm trying to restore a Drive for a user but when I go into the portal (as the admin), I am only shown one of the 4 tasks. When I click the dropdown, nothing else shows. How do I access the other 3 tasks that are running? Pete
  14. C

    DSM 6.2 Folder/File was automatically restored after deletion on Google Drive

    I configured Cloud Sync (Google drive) on the NAS as below: Everthing was ok if I deleted folder/file from local But when I deleted an folder from Google drive, I saw on Google drive: and in NAS, app cloud sync history: That folder was automatically restored Could you show me the reason...
  15. S

    Active Backup Portal Restore

    Hello, I'm having some issues with restoring at folder level through the portal. I have full permissions on the server, but for some reason I'm unable to access my full metal backup at a file level restore. When on the Active Backup for Business Portal, I select View Role as myself, then the...
  16. G

    VERY slow restore Hyper Backup

    Hi guys. Like to pick on your brains. We had to do a restore for a NAS. It is 1,6Tb off data. Restore is for everything. Repository is on a 412+ no additional memory with 3x10tb SHR volume. Only one NIC is connected Internet connection: 350/50 Target is a DS216+II, no additional memory and...
  17. D

    Active backup restore error

    Hi, I have been searching google and talking to synology help did not yield a result. WHen i restore using synology active backup, I will encounter the problem of a blue screen with the error "inaccessible boot device" Can I ask. 1) can restore be done on a completely different computer ? 2)...
  18. M

    Active Backup Restore speed

    Hi all, I am using ABB for quite a while now, but never really needed to use the restore function. I've always only needed a couple files..... I'm currently trying to restore a whole disk (1.7TB of data). It's going, but i don't see speed of more than 32 MB/s. I do have 10Gbit NIC in my...
  19. Cranium

    Help Restore Customized Volume backup

    I've been doing a nightly customized volume backup for many months now in conjunction with a weekly backup of the system drive. Last night we had file corruption and I need to restore the customized volume backup but I don't see any way to do this. The Restore feature in Active Backup for...
  20. SynoMan

    Info Synology and Seagate Live webinar: Backup and Restore for Virtual Environments

    During these unprecedented times, a robust data disaster recovery plan is more crucial than ever. Join Synology and Seagate for a live webinar, "Backup and Restore for Virtual Environments," on Feb. 3rd at 11 a.m. PST. Reserve your spot here.