1. Phone Guy

    DSM 7.0 Do any USB nic adapter work in DSM7???

    subject says it all... are there any usb lan (nic) adapters that work in dsm7 anymore?
  2. Compstuff

    Replacement Power Adapter for DS216+II - CWT CAD065121

    Hell Everyone, I am going nuts trying to find a quality AC adapter that replaces the CWT CAD065121 for DS216+II . It's a 12v, 65W, 5.4A, 5.5x2.1mm but when I search Amazon, Google, Ebay, etc... the units are really bad when you actually read the reviews. I am kicking myself for losing my...
  3. ric0ric

    Heat from CalDigit Connect 10G - Thunderbolt 3 to 10Gb Ethernet Adapter

    Does anyone have any experience of these adapters. They seem to be what I need to get my iMac to work optimally with my 1621+ NAS. There seem to be a good many reports of them overheating and/or failing. Advice would be appreciated and really helpful. Thanks
  4. Furbz85

    10gbe OWC connection dropping

    Hi ya'll! I've got some issues with my 1621+ and I think there is no better place to be asking than here. I'd love to get some help please. I've got an iMac (2017, i7, 32GB Ram) connected via thunderbolt 3 (UCBC) to an OWC 10gbe to USB-c adapter. (This boy). The OWC is connected via CAT6 kabel...