1. WST16

    Blocking system test

    If you're implementing AdGuard or Pi-Hole, here's a page that checks how efficient your blocking system is. You can manually amend what's missing to your system. I got 87% for my AdGuard. Very nice but I'll try to improve it.
  2. Telos

    DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials rates B+

    Two reports noted (similar to the "Community"...
  3. Andy

    Privacy issues with Active Insight?

    I'm wondering if there are any privacy issues with Active Insight? It seems like a lot of access is given to our data in order to make it happen.
  4. WST16

    Apple issues a fix for flaw linked to Pegasus spyware

    Link to the article. Update your devices, especially if you happen to be a head of state, a rights activist in a dodgy regime or a double agent, who happens to frequent SynoForum to fix your 1815 because you had all the important info that will topple the regime but, alas, you didn’t backup and...
  5. SynoMan

    ProtonMail removed “we do not keep any IP logs” from its privacy policy

    Swiss courts compelled it to log and disclose a user's IP and browser fingerprint.
  6. H

    Zero knowledge cloud backup of NAS

    Hi there, I've been reading through these forums and others trying to find the best solution for my use case. I'm more confused than ever, but I'm starting to think Synology products might not be able to do what I'm looking for. My ideal outcome is to have a local storage solution with an...
  7. WST16

    Info AdGuard deploys DNS-over-QUIC resolver
  8. WST16

    Info Facebook apologizes to users & businesses for Apple’s efforts to protect its customers' privacy
  9. WST16

    Info Lawsuit accuses Google of tracking people in Chrome’s Incognito mode
  10. WST16

    Info Zoom Secretly Displayed Data From People’s LinkedIn Profiles
  11. WST16

    Info Zoom removes code that sends data to facebook

    Facebook, I hate you a hateful hate!
  12. WST16

    Info Firefox turns controversial new encryption on by default in the US