1. M

    Network lost during the repair process.

    Hi my DS1812+ is full (8 drives), so i've tried to expand the volume capacity, I've removed the smallest drive and replaced by a 14 To drive. During the repair process (at 27% parity check) the network connection has been lost. I can't acces DSM anymore, so i've no way to know if the system...
  2. BobW

    Docker won’t startup after hibernation package centre says repair!

    Hi, For the past two weeks I’m having trouble with Docker on my DS920+ with the latest DSM 7.0.1. On some random days Docker won’t startup properly after the NAS wake-up from hibernation in the morning. In package centre I see a repair warning for Docker, after I press the repair button then...
  3. P

    Synology RS2416+ BRICKED

    Hello all, glad to see this forum has taken off due to Synology's "new" forums are trash (veteran from the OG Synology forums). I have RS2416+ rack NAS that I've gotten from where I work at. This unit has already been replaced due to needing the NAS up 24/7 and couldn't wait on getting it fixed...
  4. RemekTek

    DS1815+ is h/w repair cost effective?

    Hi, I have a dead DS1815+ which won't power on and has NO signs of life! I have transferred all the HDDs to another DS1815+ and that's working fine, so no issues with potential data loss (Thank God!). I bought a replacement PSU, thinking that it must be the issue, but swapping PSU had made no...
  5. aGraphicz

    Repair degraded Storage Pool with dead SSD using an HDD

    Hi So long story short: I have a DS920+ with 4 SSDs in. All of them are 1.92TB. I am using SHR. One of the SSD died for the 3rd time so I will replace it. I don't have another SSD right now but I have a 16TB HDD. Can I use it to repair the Storage Pool and then remove/deactivate it so it does...
  6. S

    Auto Repair Volume

    Hi, Is it possible to configure a Synology NAS to automatically begin repairing a volume when a replacement disk is inserted into the NAS? For reference I have Synology RS820+ DSM 6.2.3-25426 Thanks Swain90
  7. jeyare

    Info please don't repair HDD by your self, when you haven't a clue ...

    I have seen this post: this is really big mistake, when some try to replace PCB between two different HDD from diff. models/revisions of same vendor. Recommendation for such problem is - hands off
  8. jeyare

    Tutorial when your RAID degrade with BTRFS in Syno NASes

    One of my concern was about - What would happen when my RAID contains BTRFS will degrade? Analyze I found in official BTRFS Wiki these recommendations: RAID1 volumes - if they become degraded may only be mounted read-write once with the options -o degraded,rw. Notes: This does not happen...