1. synsoc

    Synology DS1821+ / 1621+ and Toshiba MG07ACA14TE

    I would like to buy the Synology DS1821+ or DS1621+ and run 6 x Toshiba MG07ACA14TE in Raid 6. The Toshiba MG07ACA14TE is currently the cheapest enterprise hard disk (with 14TB) and costs around 300 euros retail. The Blackblaze HD statistics show good values for a similar Toshiba model...
  2. Furbz85

    10gbe OWC connection dropping

    Hi ya'll! I've got some issues with my 1621+ and I think there is no better place to be asking than here. I'd love to get some help please. I've got an iMac (2017, i7, 32GB Ram) connected via thunderbolt 3 (UCBC) to an OWC 10gbe to USB-c adapter. (This boy). The OWC is connected via CAT6 kabel...
  3. D

    DX510 and DS1621+

    Has anyone tried plugging a DX510 into a DS1621+ (or DS1821+ I guess). Does it work? I know it's not supported officially. Even the DX513 is not supported but has been reported to work? Would it cause any problems? Thanks!
  4. I

    DS412+ to DS1621+ migration

    Well I’m finally replacing my well aged DS412+ with the DS1621+. The current DS412 is Ext4 and I’m going to be using BTRF on the new NAS. That being said I need to migrate about 8TB from old to the new and I’m dreading copying 8TB. What are the best options for a speedy migration? I fear the...
  5. A

    USB hub for DS1621+

    I just recently upgraded from DS1512+ to 1621+ and noticed it only has 3 USB ports vs 6 ports on 1512+. I have 3 USB drives and I also need to connect a UPS. Did anybody had to use a USB hub. Any recommendations? Looks like DS1621+ has USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports. TIA
  6. C

    Installing manually WordPress on Synology NAS DS1621+

    Hello, I hope that someone can help me out. I spent the last 10 hours of my day trying to figure way changing the name of "web/wordpress" but it stops working. I want to run three different sites on my NAS. I've follow all the instructions on the official site to install it manually, learn...
  7. I

    DSM 7.0 DSM7 on DS1621+

    Hi all! I just received my ds1621+ and going to start from scratch, so no other synology settings to import etc. I use it at this point only a file server, with smb, nfs and also time machine. Maybe moments/photos. How reliable is dsm7? Should I go with it or stick with dsm6? Give me your...
  8. B

    DS1621+ vs DS1520+ for video playback

    G'Day Peeps I am in the market for a new NAS as my old Synology DS415+ has recently decided to die :-( Not very considerate of it! I have narrowed down my search to 2 Synology NAS's, the DS1621+ and the DS1520+. However, my familt and I do watch lots of movies on our smart TV's through the...
  9. welshdragon

    DS1621+ NVMe recommendation

    Evening, I have just installed my new DS1621+ and was wondering what size/make or number of Ncme SSD i could put in, the benefits?
  10. BoosterT

    RAM for DS1621+

    So I bit the bullet and ordered the DS1621+ to upgrade from my older DS916+ ... the NAS comes with only 4g RAM (shame on Synology) ... adding another 8g ECC module is over $200 US. Does anyone have source to look at compatible memory that would be less expensive? thanks ... Stephen
  11. SynoMan

    NAS DiskStation DS1621+

    Powerful, scalable, and versatile Synology DS1621+ is a powerful and compact 6-bay network attached storage solution designed to store and protect critical data assets. Today’s growing amount of unstructured data requires smarter and increasingly higher performance methods of storing, accessing...