1. I

    DS412+ to DS1621+ migration

    Well I’m finally replacing my well aged DS412+ with the DS1621+. The current DS412 is Ext4 and I’m going to be using BTRF on the new NAS. That being said I need to migrate about 8TB from old to the new and I’m dreading copying 8TB. What are the best options for a speedy migration? I fear the...
  2. A

    USB hub for DS1621+

    I just recently upgraded from DS1512+ to 1621+ and noticed it only has 3 USB ports vs 6 ports on 1512+. I have 3 USB drives and I also need to connect a UPS. Did anybody had to use a USB hub. Any recommendations? Looks like DS1621+ has USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports. TIA
  3. C

    Installing manually WordPress on Synology NAS DS1621+

    Hello, I hope that someone can help me out. I spent the last 10 hours of my day trying to figure way changing the name of "web/wordpress" but it stops working. I want to run three different sites on my NAS. I've follow all the instructions on the official site to install it manually, learn...
  4. I

    DSM7 on DS1621+

    Hi all! I just received my ds1621+ and going to start from scratch, so no other synology settings to import etc. I use it at this point only a file server, with smb, nfs and also time machine. Maybe moments/photos. How reliable is dsm7? Should I go with it or stick with dsm6? Give me your...
  5. B

    DS1621+ vs DS1520+ for video playback

    G'Day Peeps I am in the market for a new NAS as my old Synology DS415+ has recently decided to die :-( Not very considerate of it! I have narrowed down my search to 2 Synology NAS's, the DS1621+ and the DS1520+. However, my familt and I do watch lots of movies on our smart TV's through the...
  6. welshdragon

    DS1621+ NVMe recommendation

    Evening, I have just installed my new DS1621+ and was wondering what size/make or number of Ncme SSD i could put in, the benefits?
  7. BoosterT

    RAM for DS1621+

    So I bit the bullet and ordered the DS1621+ to upgrade from my older DS916+ ... the NAS comes with only 4g RAM (shame on Synology) ... adding another 8g ECC module is over $200 US. Does anyone have source to look at compatible memory that would be less expensive? thanks ... Stephen
  8. SynoMan

    NAS DiskStation DS1621+

    Powerful, scalable, and versatile Synology DS1621+ is a powerful and compact 6-bay network attached storage solution designed to store and protect critical data assets. Today’s growing amount of unstructured data requires smarter and increasingly higher performance methods of storing, accessing...