1. J

    Get DS1819+, wait for 1821+ or another option?

    I want to set up a single NAS that supports: - 6 or 8 bays (want SHR2) - ECC memory - video files (55-60TB) that will be streamed to 2 devices - a photo archive (8TB) - automatic backups for an iOS phone, an android phone and 4 PCs - remote access to general files - a Windows VM...
  2. AdrianEarnshaw

    UPS for DS1819+

    These recent thunderstorms we've had in the UK got me thinking, I really should get a UPS. I know, I know this should have been done a long time ago. Thankfully, I cannot remember the last time we had a power outage, and I've been in the same house for over 35 years. One day that luck is going...
  3. SynoMan

    NAS DiskStation DS1819+

    SynoMan submitted a new resource: DiskStation DS1819+ - Scalable 8-bay NAS for small- to medium-sized businesses Read more about this resource...
  4. SynoMan

    NAS DiskStation DS1819+

    Ready to Grow as Your Business Thrives DS1819+ is an 8-bay desktop NAS providing superior performance with great expandability, allowing for seamless expansion and upgradability to satisfy your growing business needs. For more information check official site...