1. K

    DSM 6.2 Hyper Backup Transfer Encryption

    Hi, I have two Synology NAS's, one in my home and another in a remote location. The remote Synology connects to an OpenVPN server in my network, and the two NAS's backup to each other using Hyper Backup. My NAS points to the remote Hyper Backup vault on it's VPN IP address (10.5.x.x) and the...
  2. N

    75GB file transfer locally taking 7-8 hours

    Hi! I feel like everyone is talking about how instant and fast their NAS systems are, while I feel like my speeds should be way faster considering my setup. I am trying to transfer 75GB of files over a local 5Ghz wifi network. gives me +-250-300Mbps but I'm not sure that's...
  3. R

    Transfer of Hard Drives

    Is it possible to move hard drives from one Synology to an upgrade fresh system ??
  4. R

    Transfer images onto NAS

    I am in the process of transferring 10 years of images onto my nas, I have over the years arranged files by all raw folder, Year, and within those years separate folders titled yyyy_month_day. Using this file structure I find myself having to recreate each and every folder and sub, and then...
  5. M

    Please help me, slow transfer speed

    I've read a lot of solutions online with no luck. I've talked to Synology Support. And tested all the solutions they had. With no luck. Transfer speeds are ridiculous slow. Both on my 218play and 920+ I tried to install openspeedtest in docker, but when I hit start test it says network error...
  6. M

    DS220+ w/ 4TB Red plus drives slow transfer (1.5MB/s) from 2019 iMAC

    Sorry, first NAS user here. I have about 75GB of photos / movies (about 15000 files total) I'm transferring from my 2019 iMac to my DS220+ that is populated with 2 identical WD Red Plus 4TB drives in SHR/mirrored mode. It has been about 5 hours, with estimated 5 hours to go. The Network...
  7. aGraphicz

    Data transfer slow using OpenVPN

    Hi :) I have a DS920+ that works properly when I am in the office. Now, due to Home office I need to use it remotely using OpenVPN. I noticed that the connection is really slow when navigating through the NAS folders. Opening a small illustrator file it takes quite long. What can be the...
  8. M

    DS415Play with DSM 7 - access to pCloud for file transfer

    DS415Play with DSM 7 - access to PCloud for file transfer: How can I connect directly from the NAS drive to a Cloud Storage location to transfer some files from the NAS to my cloud storage - PCloud?
  9. Phone Guy

    Having 4x 1gbe ports link aggregation pc&nas improve transfer speeds?

    I'm a little unclear. I have a ds1621+ with 4x 1gbe ports, link aggregated to my netgear managed switch. If get a 4 port nic for my pc and do the same for them, create a 4x 1gbe link aggregation on my switch (same switch the nas is plugged into) would I then effectively get 4gbe between the pc...
  10. R

    Transfer unused licenses to new NAS

    I have a DS218+ and just bought a DS920+ to upgrade. My question is: I have never used Surveillance Station on the 218+, can I use the licenses from that NAS on my new 920+ along with the two licenses for it? I am thinking about purchasing some cameras for my home and was just curious. Thanks in...
  11. aGraphicz

    Link aggregation for faster VPN connection

    So a colleague of mine will work in remote for some months and he will mostly edit Excel, Word and PPT files. At the moment when working in remote the connection is not as fast as it should. In local it works perfectly. We are using Open VPN to connect to the syno. We never did a link...
  12. NAS Newbie

    Hyper Backup Transfer Encryption - how?

    I have a remote NAS that I'm using HB to backup to a local NAS. How exactly is Transfer Encryption enabled? I see the option for selecting encrytption when setting up the remote task, but then it asks about Certificate Authentication. I don't know how to authenticate the certificate or where...
  13. D

    Add an HDD from an old Synology to an existing 3617xs and use the Data

    Hello, is there a way to transfer an HDD from one Synology which was used as Data HDD (no system on it) to an existing/running 3617xs and use it right away? Or is there just the way to copy - that would be insane to copy 10TB of data instead of just using it as it is... Thanks for all advices...