1. Phone Guy

    Bond ethernet connections without managed switch? Y/N

    Any reason to bond 2 lan ports if the lan is on an unmanaged consumer switch? (1gb lan). I saw a video that said enabling the load balancing without a managed switch just always floods your lan with req and stuff, making your whole network suffer in the end. Either LAG properly with managed...
  2. Saqr

    General considerations before this proposed home network build

    Good day :) I am planning a network for my home, a building of 4 apartments. Two heads are better than one and so I want to get a review of the proposed topology attached here. The downlink from telco to home is Fiber 200 Mbps into a a traditional brick and mortar building of total 400 sq...
  3. Robbie

    New UniFi 10GbE Switch Finally Installed

    Finally got my replacement 10GbE switch racked and tweaked to my liking. It is a UniFi USW-EnterpriseXG-24, to replace my USW-XG-6PoE and keep the Synology 10GbE card happy: Having run things for a while at 2.5GbE it is good to return to normal service! ☕️
  4. fredbert

    Info SRM mesh with wire backhaul through a switch: why is it good?

    This has been something that I do but I've always wondered this: And the answer to that last point is: No. A wireless client will access the wired LAN devices from the mesh router's own LAN interface. I've just tested this by streaming a hi-bit MKV from NAS (wired), via managed switch, and...
  5. S

    Migrating data with a switch and link aggregation and method of migration?

    Hello all, I’m laying my plans out for moving from a ds1815+ to a ds1821+. My first question (and probably a dumb one) is, if I link two ports on each box to a managed 8-port switch will it speed up the transfer of data or is it still dependent on the router (the one cable from the switch to the...
  6. D

    How do I undo Link Aggregation of my switch dies?

    If I setup all 4 ports of my Synology to be bonded for link aggregation (and then set it up in my managed switch), what happens if the switch dies? With my old switch I swapped it out for a regular switch and had to re-swap it back in because i could no longer access my synology devices in any...
  7. UniFi Switch USW-Enterprise-24-PoE Front aspect

    UniFi Switch USW-Enterprise-24-PoE Front aspect

    24-Port Managed Switch with 12x2.5GbE, 12x1GbE, PoE+ and 2xSFP+.
  8. UniFi Switch USW-Enterprise-24-PoE Display

    UniFi Switch USW-Enterprise-24-PoE Display

    24-Port Managed Switch with 12x2.5GbE, 12x1GbE, PoE+ and 2xSFP+.
  9. The 'Galadriel' Rack

    The 'Galadriel' Rack

    The new 16U rack gets its first new switch - the USW-Enterprise-24-PoE - a 'goodwill' gift from UniFi.
  10. Robbie

    UniFi 10GbE Switch Dead - 17 months old - No help from Ubiquiti

    My US-XG6 has died - no lights, no fan and almost zero power being pulled from the DC brick. Over the last month UI Support has pushed me around in a loop and then to RMA and UI RMA pushes me back to support as the unit is 17 months old. Bummer. So for now I have pulled the patch leads from...
  11. horizonbrave

    what about this setting "Enanche compatibility between Wi-Fi system and managed switch"?

    hi, sorry I cannot find any information regarding it and it's enabled by default. No idea what it does.. It's in Control Panel, in the System tab. Cheers :)
  12. SynoMan

    Guide Switch between light and dark mode

    You can easily switch between light and dark mode on SynoForum.com on the right side in navigation: ... or on mobile: *NOTE: If you don't see the icon first change the style from style chooser in the bottom left corner: