1. M

    Android contacts sync

    Hi to all. I'm slowly starting to migrate my data from the clouds to synology, where I want everything, including contacts and calendar. I installed contacts and calendar on synology, imported contacts from my google account, and installed opensync on my phone. I copied the link to sync contacts...
  2. A

    Syncing files from NAS to Android

    Hi all, I've got a DS118 and want to sync files from my NAS to my Android (10) phone. One way, no reciprocal sync back from the Android. So for instance, if I put some new music into a folder in the NAS it pops over and appears in my phone too. I do NOT want to sync all the files in a folder...
  3. O

    SMB setup on Android via foldersync app

    Hi. Does anyone know how to access my Synology nas via SMB protocol through foldersync app or similar ? I don't know what I need to enter in "Connection field" Thanks for help ☺️
  4. WST16

    Info lawsuit: Why do Android phones mysteriously exchange 260MB a month with Google
  5. Jheroen

    Android automatic backup for files/folders/photos

    Hi all, Read a lot about these possibilities. All options using moments ds photo etc are too much for what is required. What should is that when connected to a wifi network files (usually photos) from the phone are uploaded and/or synced to the Nas. Automatic without having to open the app on...
  6. SynoMan

    Info Android Synology MailPlus 2.0.0 Beta is now available!

    Synology MailPlus has added more handy features in the new version, including multiple logins and integration with Synology Contacts. Today, we are pleased to say that Android MailPlus 2.0.0 Beta is now available for you to try out. See below for more new features and updates. Read more...
  7. D

    DS cam DS Cam loads incorrect aspect ratio on Android (Samsung S10+)

    I recently updated to the latest version of DS Cam and now whenever I launch the app all my camera views load stretched. I have the Fixed aspect ratio checked so it seems its not loading that setting. To correct this I need to uncheck and recheck Fixed aspect ratio option or rotate my phone...
  8. E

    Bitwarden Andorid app error: Trust anchor for certification path not found.

    Hello, I've successfully followed the tutorial from this site on how to setup Bitwarden with reverse proxy and I can access my instance externally and everything is great. However I cannot get the android app to work with my self hosted version. I have a wildcard certificate setup and I can see...
  9. L

    Where is the Synolgy Cal/CardDav client for android?

    Why is there no client APP for caldav and carddav by synology? They gave apps for everything but not for calendar and contact sync. Dont tell me about DAVX5, it is for free only for 30 days. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  10. SynoMan

    Apple and Google are launching a joint COVID-19 tracing tool for iOS and Android

    Apple and Google are launching a joint COVID-19 tracing tool for iOS and Android I think you can opt-out for that.
  11. jeyare

    Question How to Share specific folder(s) from Android to Synology NAS

    Can't find useful solution how to share specific folder (or folders by defined selection) from Android device into NAS: - automatically (no need an action after initial setup) follow defined connection (any change, period, from system booting) - on demand - no WebDAV based protocol, SFTP is more...