1. N

    Slow response to drag & drop in Mac Finder when using external connection

    Problem: Drag & Drop files in finder from external network, is quite slow and it takes about 20-30 seconds for the transfer to start, when I drag from my desktop, to the mounted (external network) Synology drive. No other processes are busy on the synology, I have everything set to minimum SMB2...
  2. ahelillo

    3 years of this: Cannot connect to network shares over 10GbE, but WiFi & 1GbE work fine

    Hi, everyone. I’ve been struggling with this for over 3 years and two Macs now. Let me explain: Back in 2019, I had a Mid-2017 iMac. I purchased a Synology DS1819+ with a 10GbE network card, a 10GbE Netgear switch, and a 10GbE Thunderbolt 3 adapter for the iMac. Things were working fine for a...
  3. J

    Backup to a remote NAS from Mac

    Hi, I am trying to backup to a Remote Synology NAS (a DiskStation DS1821+ 8-Bay I believe) from a Mac. I am sure I have done the same thing from a PC many years ago but cant remember how to do it now. Do I need to use a VPN or dynamic DNS? I have read many people using Hyper Backup but that...
  4. ric0ric

    NAS direct to Mac?

    Is it possible to connect a Mac directly (thru a Thunderbolt to 10Gbe port) to a 1621+ and use another port on the NAS to connect up to the router / switch. The aim would be to get a fast direct Mac to NAS and 'normal' speed NAS to net?
  5. H

    Mac clients - SMB cache issues

    I updated my NAS (a DS418Play, as detailed above) to DSM7.0-41890, hoping that would resolve the issues I have been experiencing with SMB shares from a Macintosh (running Big Sur 11.5). DSM7 has a much more up-to-date version of Samba (4.10.18) than used to be the case with DSM6.2 (4.4.16 at...
  6. tekguru

    Connecting to the DS918+ from an apple Mac Mini

    This is one that's bugged me for a while. My NAS and Mac Mini are plugged into ports on my Router (Netgear Orbi RBK53S). The Mac Mini also connects via WiFi (to allow the use of the Apple Watch to unlock the Mini). The issue is that in 'Finder' and 'Forklift' file managers on the Mac the MAS...
  7. Furbz85

    10gbe OWC connection dropping

    Hi ya'll! I've got some issues with my 1621+ and I think there is no better place to be asking than here. I'd love to get some help please. I've got an iMac (2017, i7, 32GB Ram) connected via thunderbolt 3 (UCBC) to an OWC 10gbe to USB-c adapter. (This boy). The OWC is connected via CAT6 kabel...
  8. B

    Export Mac Photo Libraries to Synology Photos

    I have looked for tutorials as well as threads... and no doubt it's me and my limited skill level (a 220+ Raid 1 : 4T/4T) . My laptop (MBP 2021) has 5 libraries with a total of about 200 Gb of photos and some videos. I just want to move all to Synology Photos and then be able to delete them...
  9. fredbert

    Info Another post for getting Contacts to work with Mac

    Have spent some time trying various combinations of account creation credentials with Mac Contacts in Mojave* and Synology Contacts. Finally managed to get it to work, and again after deleting. I'm using a custom domain with Synology Contacts, say I also have the SSL...
  10. S

    Synology Drive Client will not run setup MAC OS10.11.16

    I have installed Synology Drive Client application on a iMac with OS 10.11.16. The set up never runs. I try to open from it from the application folder. Nothing happenings. I have been able to get Synology Sation Backup to run but the machine the me that I need to update to Synology Drive...
  11. aGraphicz

    Impossible to delete or rename files on Mac over SMB

    hi :) I just realized that some files on the NAS cannot be deleted or renamed over Mac Finder. In the specific when I delete a file this comes back again. Another problem is with file names. When trying to rename them error 43 pops out. You also had a similar problem? Thanks!
  12. aGraphicz

    Files and folder with ä ö ü in name are visible in DSM File Station but not in Mac Finder

    HI Since some days I moved 1TB files from my old external SSD to the NAS. Some of the files are however not available when I try to access them over smb on my Mac, but I can see them in DSM File Station. For example, when I try to access some folders, those are empty. In the specific one...
  13. Seaprobe

    Mac OS Big Sur Drops AFP

    The title says it all. While AFP had been officially deprecated, it still continued to be included right through Catalina. Big Sur changes that, the long unmaintained afp is gone, with SMB being the only native file-sharing (as a server) option. SMB 3 is the default version. This will affect...
  14. H

    Mac SMB file transfer varies significantly based on mounting direction

    Hello, I found this forum while searching and it appears nicely done. I have filed a support request with Synology but that can take a while, perhaps someone here has an idea. I'm testing a scenario to be implemented on our live show productions and have come across an oddity that I can't...
  15. fredbert

    Info Apple iOS/PadOS 14 private Wi-Fi addresses and features that rely on MAC address

    The motives are good and if you use public wifi hotspots then having different MAC per connection makes sense to stop tracking. But, and there is a but, what happens if you use MAC addresses to determine access or profiles on your home network? As is apparent, MAC addresses can't be relied on...
  16. RoCaRay

    Mac Mini Transcoding Performance Tips

    Responses to recent threads indicate that several forum members are using Mac Mini for transcoding (and other tasks). So I'm posting a few tips; and welcome others to share here, as well. FYI, my comments apply to a Mini with 3.2GHz 6‑core Core i7 CPU, 16GB memory, and 10GB Ethernet. Hardware...
  17. iStone

    Solved Block mac address within LAN for NAS

    DSM's firewall setting can block LAN IP address for access to NAS, but DHCP can always assign that PC a new IP, so ... could anyone tell me if possible or how to block a PC with its mac address ( this can be obtained from router interface) thanks!
  18. S

    Question Permissions and Finder Files on Mac

    Hi, I'm wondering about permissions and my Synology in relation to a problem I'm having with Lightroom and finder items on a Mac. I'm not super well versed in my Synology, so this might be a very easy question to answer. I have a DS1019+ that is on my local network with a dedicated IP and I have...
  19. J

    Solved [Newbie] OpenVPN and MAC, not working at all, how to config?

    Hy guys. What i would love to do is config OpenVPN on my NAS so that i can reach it from outside and be safe. I already search tons of guide and this amazing post from WST16 but still no success from me. Little newbie about VPN and less about NAS but i will explain all i have done since now so...
  20. fredbert

    Info Mac: App-ify websites

    I'm claiming 'app-ify' is a word. I also can't remember if I mentioned this before. I've long used Fluid on Mac to app-ify websites. You take the URL of the site and it will make a self-contained application using the favicon for the app or you add your own. You can...