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  1. SynoMan

    Info Safest Content Award 2022 for

    Hello to all! Today has been awarded as one of the safest websites to be recommended for users in 2022 by It was really a pleasant surprise because this award was given by an aggregated verdict based on the popular/trusted public ratings, user reviews, and compared to...
  2. SynoMan

    Info Forum update: new landing page, auto-refresh, live content, ...

    Dear forum members and guests! got some useful changes. Now we have a dedicated home page (landing page) on the main domain with a quick view of different information for different forum sections. --- The main feature is the auto-refresh block on the landing page. Stop hitting...
  3. Y

    Content in File Station differs from content in mounted folder locally

    I mounted my shared folder on my Synology DS220+ on my mac using AFP, and it worked fine - however I noticed after browsing around, that suddenly some files just disappeared from my folder. Worried - I logged in with File Station and found all my files there. Then I tried using SMB instead, and...
  4. H

    sync content of a directory which is shared by ubuntu and W10 (dual boot)

    Hello, I am used to use Synology Drive from windows, ubuntu and macOS. But I enter a special case today for which I did not really find any helpful hints on the web. I installed a double boot ubuntu/W10 on a computer. I want my remote data to be synced on that computer in a single directory (do...
  5. S

    I've my NAS to Plex and added my content, but the libraries are empty... help!

    Hi there, I tried following a youtube tutorial to set up plex. All was exactly per the tutorial until I agreed to the offer to go premium. So then I needed to work out how to link my NAS (which I have done) and then to add libraries (which I have done). My media folders (for example, the...
  6. jeyare

    If you like Subnautica, here is interesting content

    and here is entire channel: Subnautica by The Last Bacon enjoy! Btw still same guy who also created one of the best Horror VR game: Shattered Lights
  7. SynoMan

    Implemented Would you like to see post content in email notification?

    As the title said. Please envolve in the poll. Thank you.
  8. SynoMan

    Guide Content filters

    You can filter content on: New posts page: forum view page: Resources page: you can also click on a prefix in the thread title to filter