cloud sync

  1. Gene

    Confusion about Cloud Sync "local" and "remote" folders when using Backblaze B2

    I am setting up Cloud Sync to back up my DS920+ to Backblaze B2. I do not understand what folders to choose for "local" and "remote." This is my folder structure when I select the "local" field in Cloud Sync. It appears I need to create 5 tasks to back up everything, since I can't leave the...
  2. T

    Cloud Sync with Xiaomi mobile phones

    Hi, I'm not sure how to add Xiaomi Cloud into Synology Cloud Sync application. There is apparently not such a Cloud service for "Xiaomi" - is this real? Cheers,
  3. Delaware_Tim

    Cloud Sync and New Version Google Drive Backup

    While using Cloud Sync to backup Google Drive it seems to be picking up the older “My Drive” volume fine. There seems to be a problem with Cloud Sync seeing the new “Computers” volume that Google forced on us last year. This is showing up on my computer as a G drive and shows up when I open...
  4. David M

    Unable to set filter in Cloud Sync

    CS has been working just fine doing a very simple task of uploading some surveillance jpg files to Google Drive. But now I want to create a filter in order to separate the files from two different cameras. For those not familiar with the setting this it's at : Settings | Edit | File Filter No...
  5. D

    Cloud Sync icon doesn't appear in desktop header

    Just migrated to new DS220+ and updated it to DSM 7.01 update 2. I had a Cloudsync job set up on a DS218+ and migrated the drives to the DS220+, and it is running on the new DS. However, the Cloudsync icon doesn't appear in the upper-right desktop header for some reason. DS220+: It should...
  6. Micky

    Cloud Sync deprecated, OneDrive sync?

    Hi! Since CloudSync will be removed from DSM anytime soon, what's the preferred way to synchronise OneDrive content from Microsoft servers to my local NAS?
  7. C

    DSM 6.2 Folder/File was automatically restored after deletion on Google Drive

    I configured Cloud Sync (Google drive) on the NAS as below: Everthing was ok if I deleted folder/file from local But when I deleted an folder from Google drive, I saw on Google drive: and in NAS, app cloud sync history: That folder was automatically restored Could you show me the reason...
  8. S

    Cloud Sync - modify task owner

    Hello, I have just deactivate admin count of my NAS to improve the security, and created a new admin account (let's name it "admin2 ;-) ) Problem : Cloud Sync tasks of user "admin"can no longer be lauched => Is it possible to to assign the synchro tasks created by admin to the admin2 account...
  9. atrisk

    New Admin account breaks Cloud sync.

    Question: got the new alert that the admin account is unsafe, okay no worries, created a new admin account and then disabled the old admin account. Easy! but then when logging in to the new admin account, cloud sync (to Backblaze B2) the app said that since the old admin account was disabled it...
  10. V

    decrypt all Cloud Sync content on One Drive

    Hello there, Couple of questions hoping that I could get some of your thoughts on: 1. Is it possible to decrypt all content where it rest vs having to copy somewher else while decrypting? I have roughly 1TB of content that I have been syncying over to One Drive through Cloud Sync and I had...