hyper backup

  1. OBx2

    "Stuck" backup task

    I've got a backup job that I can't remove from Hyperbackup. You'll notice that the highlighted job "Backup DS920" is orphaned - I can't edit or delete it (the buttons are greyed-out). I had to create a new job to allow the changes I wanted. How can I delete the unwanted job?
  2. Gene

    Recommended way to sync/backup 2 laptops to my NAS

    I am new to the NAS world and do not yet have a grasp of best practices for storage, backup, and sync. I would appreciate your advice. Please forgive the lengthy post. I don't know enough so to make it short. GOALS: Safety of my data, and access to it from any device. BACKGROUND: 1. I use...
  3. Fredo

    DSM 7.0 Some icons are not visible [RESOLVED]

    Hello, I have a really bad problem. I say this because I think the solution should be simple but I can't find it, despite my research on the official help about Hyper Backup, and on this forum. Maybe I'm using the wrong keywords. My two NAS DS1621+ run with the DSM 7.0 operating system. On one...
  4. Phone Guy

    HB rsync single copy backing empty space?

    I am trying to setup a hyperback rsync single copy mode between 2 synology nas. Source has 6x 4tb SHR1, Target has 5x 4tb SHR1. Source has <8tb used, but the hb backup on the target always fills the whole contents and errors out when it gets to the 14tb mark, presumably because its out of space...
  5. O

    "The LUN is being backed up by another user. Please try again later"

    New here!! I have a Synology NAS on location that has an iSCSI LUN linked to a Windows Server machine. A LUN backup has been set up via the "Backup & Replication", which should synchronize to another Synology NAS in our Data Center. The connection test is successful, but after starting the job...
  6. G

    DSM 6.2 Hyper Backup lock

    Hi. I have a Hyper Backup rsync copy (single-version) task, which is stuck. By stuck I mean that it shows progress 11% and doesn't move anymore. The remote is online. Worse ... cancelling the task is the only way out, but this gets stuck as well, meaning Cancelling is shown for one day now...
  7. EAZ1964

    security of the hyper backup vault port

    Just to be sure, I would like to know your opinion on the hyperbackup-vault port. As I do run a cross backup between two online NASses, They have been setup identically. I have opened and forwarded the HB-vault port on my routers to the same port on the NAS. The NAS firewall is active, and it...
  8. F

    Hyper Backup Rotations – Explanation and Testing

    HUGE apologies if anything below is incorrect. I am trying to make sure I’ve understood basic backup knowledge on Hyper Backup rotation versions and snapshots. I don’t want to find I’ve made a mistake months or years down the line! And, as after several days, I couldn’t find a guide that gives...
  9. F

    Best set up to reduce ransomware risks, using Hyper Backup and Cloud

    Hi, I'm looking for a low cost disaster recovery with off-site cloud storage, with the lowest risks from a ransomware attack on NAS. So, if the prime NAS files became toxic, there is best protection when using the cloud as part of the recovery solution. My scenario, is NAS1 Hyper Backups (and...
  10. WoeperBE


    I would like to exclude the data disk in a virtual machine that have a system and a data disk. Is there any way to do this ? In the create job i can only select the complete virtual machine. Thanks
  11. H

    Moving files out of hyper backup vault.

    Hello Folks, I used hyper-backup to backup files to a new synology box (over 1 TB). Which are now in a hyper backup vault. I want to take them out of this vault and available for use. I use Hyper- Backup Explorer to view the files, I also dragged and dropped a 60 Gig folder from the vault to a...
  12. synsky911

    Transferring from unencrypted Google Drive to encrypted Backblaze B2

    Hello, My NAS currently does Hyperbackup to 100GB Google Drive, which I foresee will outgrow in the coming months. I plan to shift to Backblaze B2 while still maintaining the 4-years of historical versions currently on Google Drive. I would also like to point out that hbks stored in Google...
  13. TommySnake

    Script for Hyper Backup and Plex

    I want to use hyper-backup to backup my plex server. I have Plex upgraded to version 7.0 When I look at the shared folders I now have 2 plex folders. (Plex) and (PlexMediaServer), question is are both of these folders still in use or is the (Plex) shared folder left over from Plex 6.0? 2nd...
  14. C

    Can't set up Hyper Backup remote NAS backup.

    Hello, I have a DS1815+ running DSM 7.0.1, that I would like to backup to a DS920+ running DSM 7.0.1. I installed Hyper Backup Vault on the 920 and have it running, I created a shared folder on the 920 to store the backup files. I open Hyper Backup on the 1815, select new data backup task...
  15. O

    Timeouts with Hyper Backup and Google Drive

    Trying to set up Hyper Backup to work with Google Drive. The backup will start, freeze up, and then eventually fail. I've tried numerous times. The logs always show that there is a network timeout. I do have pi-hole running, but don't see anything being blocked for Google except ad services...
  16. D

    Hyper Backup to WinSRV2019 IIS + webDAV

    Hi. I'm trying to run Hyper Backup tasks with destination pointing to Windows Server 2019. Unfortunately SMB support is still missing and rsync installation on Windows seems for me to big of a hassle for now. So I decided to try webDAV. I configured virtual directory in IIS, I've added webDAV...
  17. J

    Is Backing up Active Backup VM with Hyper Backup to Azure possible?

    We bought a DS1821+ with 5 x 14TB plus a hot spare for Office 365 backups and I started to familiarize myself with other Synology backup solutions. Right now we use Altaro Backup for our VM to NAS with offsite storage to Azure and I would like to replace it but have not found a way for the...
  18. J

    Help with remote backup

    I have a DS418+ and recently took my DS213J off site to my parents house for a remote backup. While I have no problem accessing the DS213J remotely with QuickConnect, when I try to access the device with QuickConnect through hyper backup it is not finding the device. I had no issues with local...
  19. DeltaGolf

    Hyper Backup rotation of backups troubles

    I have a Hyper Backup to a Local Storage USB. I run it nightly and I want to it to rotate but not keep far too many versions of my files. I'm using Smart Recycle and as the 8TB drive was filling up it became clear 256 versions was madness. So I set it to 12 versions, which is more than enough...
  20. R

    Hyper Backup keeping crashing

    Hello all, This is my first post on the forum. I've owned my Synology DS218+ for about 18 months. I'm running 3 WD 4TB RED HDD. Two of these are in the NAS, and one is in a USB caddy for backup purposes. My NAS and the two contained HDDs run flawlessly and i've been super happy with the...