hyper backup

  1. DeltaGolf

    Hyper Backup rotation of backups troubles

    I have a Hyper Backup to a Local Storage USB. I run it nightly and I want to it to rotate but not keep far too many versions of my files. I'm using Smart Recycle and as the 8TB drive was filling up it became clear 256 versions was madness. So I set it to 12 versions, which is more than enough...
  2. R

    Hyper Backup keeping crashing

    Hello all, This is my first post on the forum. I've owned my Synology DS218+ for about 18 months. I'm running 3 WD 4TB RED HDD. Two of these are in the NAS, and one is in a USB caddy for backup purposes. My NAS and the two contained HDDs run flawlessly and i've been super happy with the...
  3. A

    Hyper Backup using Rsync - destination folder size too big

    Hi All, I have backups running (thanks @Rusty and @EAZ1964 ) from 1st synology nas to 2nd NAS using Hyperbackup with the following settings Backup type - Rsync Options - reserve backup file at destination With this i have a backup method that results in a file/fodler structure in the 2nd NAS...
  4. S

    Hyper Backup fails to access Backup Destination (local)

    Hello Forum, My DSM informed me some time back that I should create a new administrator ID and deactivate the "admin" account, I did that some weeks ago. Then I started running in to backup issues since Hyperbackup was not able to backup anymore. I do have two backup locations: 1) a local one...
  5. G

    Source Folder Change for Hyperbackup

    Hello, my data layout has changed and I wanted to move the source folder <Source> into a parent folder. <Parent> Currently the source for my Hyperbackup is <Source>. A rename of the folder did not work, Hyperbackup complained saying that the source folder is gone. Same when I moved the existing...
  6. D

    Local folder & USB (single-version) second run as along as the first

    I have a backup task set to backup about 5TB to an external usb drive (16tb) . Hyberbackup task is Local folder & USB (single-version) because the data doesn't need versions, just want some security in case too many drives fail. The first run (manually started) of the backup took a couple...
  7. G

    Explaination on Rotation and ralated HB Settings

    We have found some confusion on HB Rotation settings in particular, and the Rotation in general. We made a document on that to assist. Hope you find it a usefull text to optimize your environment. Greetz
  8. C

    hyper backup drive

    I recently set up a 4tb disk to be used t, "hyper," o backup my nas. It was a used NAS drive. I've been using a 1tb drive up until now. However when I open it in File Station it only lists a recycle bin. Is there a way to see or know it's working?? 1630418058 Ooops, sorry. Found out it was setup...
  9. G

    Hyper Backup - Source selection

    Hi. Source | Hyper Backup - Synology Knowledge Center Parent and subfolder backup After I enabled a parent folder, I cannot disable a subfolder without disabling the parent folder as well. In other words, I don't manage to get the first situation on the table (link above), where the files of...
  10. Cobra

    Probably a stupid Hyper backup question

    Can Hyper Backup be used to backup a PC drive to an external drive that is attached to that pc or is it only for backing up to and from a NAS? Thanks
  11. H

    Hyper Backup change destination IP

    I am in the process of making an off-site backup of important files. I have successfully made a HyperBackup/HyperVault connection inside my local network and am "seeding" the backup to take advantage of the increased speed vs. over-the-InterNet backup (my backup is 160 Gb). So I have made a...
  12. N

    Trying to Hyper Backup to distant QNAP

    Hi All, I'm trying to get the Synology to backup to a remote QNAP (over the net). I know this works - as I had it working for over a year - but my mate's device messed up and he needed to re-build it. Since then, I have been unable to get the damned things working again. Does anyone have...
  13. S

    Hyper Backup after Power Failure & Reassigned IP address

    Hi there, I am having an issue with Hyper Backup 3.0.0-2277 on DSM 7. I updated to DSM 7 a week or so ago. Recently at the location of my remote destination NAS we had a power outage, which resulted in the reassignment a new IP address to our modem there. In the past, this hasn't been a...
  14. P

    Hyper Backup discarding task stuck at %70

    I’ve had this Hyper Backup task stuck at 70% discarding for the past two hours. I think it’s stuck but not sure what to do? I had to pause the task as I added a folder the previous week and after about 5 days it slowed down my Synology to a crawl. It was barely usable. As soon as I paused it...
  15. G

    VERY slow restore Hyper Backup

    Hi guys. Like to pick on your brains. We had to do a restore for a NAS. It is 1,6Tb off data. Restore is for everything. Repository is on a 412+ no additional memory with 3x10tb SHR volume. Only one NIC is connected Internet connection: 350/50 Target is a DS216+II, no additional memory and...
  16. R

    Is there a way to better configure this tool

    Ive run backup4all professional on my computers for years and love how tailorable the software is. ... its how I backup my PC files to my NAS... but what I want to do is have a program automatically push files from 1 storage pool to another only 1 or 2x a month and maybe not the entire pool. I...
  17. S

    Hyper Backup Encryption Password

    I'm testing out encrypted Hyper Backup of my primary NAS (1621xs+} to a backup NAS (1621+). Backups completed successfully and keys were downloaded. When I go back to edit my backup task and select Download encryption key to store them in another location, it asks for a password: I've tried...
  18. Grunter

    Using Hyper Backup and UnRAID

    I have a DS218+ as my main server and an UnRAID server as a backup. Both NAS’s are on the same network but in separate buildings. Several important directories are also stored in the cloud in Dropbox. My data is mainly photo’s, Plex, personal data and music recordings. I am using Hyper Backup...
  19. B

    Hyper backup stopped working

    Needing help for Hyper backup tasks not working over the last 5 days. Am getting error of 'target offline' when checking/trying to run the hyper backup task from DSM. errors in hyper backup log: [Network][Synology NAS 1] Failed to start backup task. (The backup service is not available. Please...
  20. N

    Problem connecting to Backblaze B2

    I'm trying to create a backup task in Hyper Backup to Backblaze B2, following the official instructions on the Backblaze site. After inputting my server name (as per my endpoint name in my bucket), and the ID key and application key, I click on the Bucket Name dropdown arrow. Then I get the...