1. D

    Can I do this with DS920+ Raid 1 and a plain drive

    I want to have 2 drives in a mirrored configuration and one drive as just a plain drive. The plain drive will just host a bunch of pictures, that are already backed up to blu-ray. After a lot of reading on the net, I know it can be done with TrueNAS but I am not sure how this would be done...
  2. ed.j

    How to replace a HDD in DS920+

    I know this is pretty basic stuff, but I've not done it before and don't want to mess it up! Setup: DS920+ with 4 x 4TB in SHR. I have bought 2 x 16TB to increase the volume size (whilst maintaining data). I have seen some conflicting advice, one says to use the "replace" functionality in...
  3. Gene

    Recommended way to sync/backup 2 laptops to my NAS

    I am new to the NAS world and do not yet have a grasp of best practices for storage, backup, and sync. I would appreciate your advice. Please forgive the lengthy post. I don't know enough so to make it short. GOALS: Safety of my data, and access to it from any device. BACKGROUND: 1. I use...
  4. D

    SSD Cache for my DS920+

    I run Storj and it makes my drives crazy loud, 4x16TB Exos 16. Would 2 Samsung 870 evo plus 1TB ease my ears?
  5. P

    Storage pools/volumes and RAID type

    Hi, fairly new to the world of Synology NAS. I am about to take delivery of a DS920+ with 4 times 4TB. My question is about the storage pools/storage volumes. I would like to pair the hard drives as follow: one pair for business and one pair for personal stuff (for each pair there is the main...
  6. Gene

    DS920+ status light orange & beeping, cannot connect to DSM but can connect through mapped drive

    While reaching behind my DS920+ and DX517 I bumped the DX517 power cord and the unit shut off. I could not connect to the NAS because all 9 drives are one volume. Received "catastrophic error" message in Assistant. Start/Stop button on DS920+ would not shut off device so I unplugged it. Then...
  7. D

    Selling My DS216J

    Hi all, I recently upgraded to a new DS920+ device and so my old and now redundant DS216J is no longer needed and I'm looking to sell it on eBay. My question regards device security as I stupidly moved my drives across to the new device in haste without doing a factory reset on the old device...
  8. philthedoc

    User introduction Another new DS920+ User

    Hello! I've been benefitting from this forum a lot recently, so I decided to join. I have loads of questions about my DS920+, particularly around external access to my 79,000 photos.
  9. Frizera

    DSM 7.0 From Nas4free to DS920+

    Hello, everyone! My NAS is already installed. Finally he arrived. The question remains how to move content from the old nas4free to the new DS920+? How do I connect them so that the transfer takes place directly between them? What settings should I make on DS920? I have to move around 12 TB...
  10. Frizera

    User introduction New user with Synology DS920+

    Hello everyone! My name is Frizera. After many years of faithful service, I decided to retire mine Nas4free 4x3TB home use server, which I assembled myself and put in a box Cooler Master with 2 fans. It is too weak anymore and I was never able to use remote connectivity with my files saved on...
  11. D

    Migration from DS214+ to DS920+

    Wanting to know the best way to swap drives from my old DS214+ to a new DS920+, I read somewhere that as long as they are both running DSM 7, it is simply a case of removing drives and placing them into the DS920+ in same order, correct? any help would be super useful.
  12. K

    M.2 cache DS920+

    Hi folks! I already have a WD M.2 cache and it's all doing it's thing just fine as a read-only cache. However, I repurchased the same device (to ensure 100% compatibility) and fitted it just today. It's been a long time since I purchased & installed the original M.2 though and my memory is a...
  13. aGraphicz

    Replace SSDs with HDDs

    Hi there ;) 1 year ago I bought a DS920+ with 4 SSDs from Seagate. Slowly I am realizing I made a mistake when buying it, for one simple reason: NAS SSDs are insanely expensive and hard to find. The SSDs are 1.92 TB each and for the amount of data I need they are not enough (I am using SHR)...
  14. V

    DS920+ - Could use some help with setup and Installation

    Hello !! Id like to thank those, who responded to my questions in the previous thread and help me decide on my first NAS. Ive decided to purchase the Synology DS920+ ( id be hoping Synology announce an upgrade in the coming days before i make the dive ) Ive been browsing forums and videos...
  15. J

    DS920+ vs DS420+

    Hi, I currently have a DS918+ and it seems to be dying. It logs that someone pressed the reset button, reenables the Admin account and resets the Admin password once a day or so. I have disassembled it and cleaned as best I could but the problem still persists. It is almost 4 years old so...
  16. K

    DSM 7.0 DS920+ migration erroneous claim

    Hi folks, I noted my DS920+ was unreachable and when I got home I logged in via my laptop... I haven't performed any kind of migration and I haven't changed the drives, added to them, done anything. I am at a loss as to why it's claiming to have drives from another machine. Unless someone...
  17. D

    Newb looking for advice on adding third drive to DS920+

    Hello everyone, I have read through the archives and learned a lot but I have not found my exact situation so I am hoping the experts can help me out. I recently purchased a DS920+ and populated it with two 3TB WD Red Plus drives, they were installed with the default Synology recommended SHR...
  18. M

    DS920+ (DSM7). How do I test a new UPS?

    Adding an APC 1400 UPS due to a couple of power cuts recently. All connected and detected by the DS920+ But how do I safely test that it will do its job? The drives always seem to be active even after unplugging the network cables. Is there an option to suspend the unit so there will be no...
  19. B

    DSM 7.0 ds920+ hotswap, change raid, bigger drives and some questions in general

    Hi guys, got currently raid1 2x1tb drives (black and blue wd, old one) and just bought 4x4tb wd red plus. Now i wonder how i should make changes. End concept is 4x4tb raid5 or 6 maybe. How to start? I am not sure if i can do this: 1. Use 2 new 4tb drives, on one of them copy existing data from...
  20. L

    Some packages got broken and are not installable anymore - pgsql issue

    Hello Linux / syno noob here :) It seems I had a crash with my DS920 and may have lost some files during it When I restarted, DSM 7 showed lots of errors regarding my packages (all of them used to work properly prior to it) I managed to repair some of them but some others did not work, and when...