1. Z

    DS cam DS app posibility of seeing more than 2x3 cameras per screen

    I have recently purchased a ds220+ with 16 cameras, everything seems ok...except the fact in ds cam only 6 cameras can be seen at a time per screen, i have an android phone and with a cheap app like the ip cam viewer i can see up to 16 in single screen or more, anybody knows if more than 2x3...
  2. Saqr

    Network management and monitoring

    Greetings :) I am looking for help to manage and monitor home network. My current network specification is : Number of ethernet wall sockets : 16 Network device list : Telco modem : Huawei Fiber modem Switch : 16 port POE switch, with LAG and LACP functions Wireless Access Points : 3 on 2...
  3. tekguru

    HomeBridge (or Surveillance Centre) & HKVision Cameras on NVR

    A bit off topic but Homebridge is running on my NAS. So.......... I've installed HomeBridge (non-docker version) on my NAS and it's working well. So far I've got it integrating my ADT alarm system (, Sky Q box, Sony Bravia TV, so I know it is all working. I've installed the FFmpeg...
  4. Saqr

    Requirements and considerations for IP surveillance cameras for home use

    Dears, Let me first thank your cooperation and help in this forum. A surveillance cameras project for home use is to be done. All IP cameras will be linked to a local network through a switch. A group of cameras , 5 to 10 , are mostly ONVIF compliant HIKVision cameras of 5 megapixels...
  5. Jan Janowski

    DS cam Can DS CAM SHOW 3 cameras without a blank in 4th location?

    Question is for BOTH IOS and Android phones regarding DS CAM... Presently using 2 cameras.... 1080/30 with 16x9 aspect ratio... Want to add a 3rd camera (Involves a license, I know).... Can DS CAM show 3 separate cameras? or does it show 3 cameras by displaying 4, with a blank in 4th camera...
  6. Crabber

    Use Lan2 to confine Security Cameras?

    Have a 920+ with 2 lan ports. Is there a way to hook the poe switch to the second port and Isolate it from my ISP's router? My thought is to take the load off the main network as well as to hopefully isolate the camera's from the WWW. I would still want to view the cameras via DS Cam etc. The...
  7. C

    Synology Surveillance Station and Reolink-511W cameras

    I have a new Synology NAS, DS720+. I have installed Synology Surveillance Station. I have two Reolink-511W cameras If I connect either camera via cable to the router the camera functions work as in SSS as expected. When I connect via wireless on either camera it works for a short period of...
  8. tekguru

    Question EufyCam 2 Security Camera - for NAS as well as Homekit

    I'm considering enhancing our home security via adding security cameras to the front and back of the property. As we're an Apple family and Apple have the HomeKit Secure Video system I'd love to go with cameras which use that system. The installation has to be wireless to keep 'her indoors'...
  9. WST16

    Info Surveillance mistakes to avoid when installing security cameras